June 08, 2010

Shield yo eyes

Sexy, huh?
Yeah... I'm pretty miserable!!
Maybe I should have done this at the beach instead of trying to get my pale, preggo skin a little tan...
Anyway!! Want some cheap entertainment at home? Buy a kiddie pool! They are the best and Lidia loves hers!! You can't tell, can you??

Our weekend was great!
We spent Friday night outside in the kiddie pool.
Saturday, Momma got a pedicure, did some wedding planning, and spent the evening celebrating my best friends' birthday!
Sunday was beach time, then home for a miserable night of sunburns!
Yesterday, Lidia and I cuddled and played all day!

this October 9th, 2010,

We become Mr. and Mrs!

We finally set the date!

4 more months??


I better get busy!


Carol said...

Aloe. Lots and lots of Aloe. OUCH!

Kate said...

OUCH! We fair skinned folk keep our aloe in the fridge for just these kinds of emergencies. Hope you're feeling cooler soon.

Kati McDonald said...

yayyyyy on the wedding date :)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

ouch on the sunburn! cute pics though!