June 14, 2010

Whoop Whoop! A Waterpark!

This weekend we decided to take a trip out of town before we add another bundle of joy to our family. We went with some friends, about 2 hours away, to a water park and stayed the weekend. The trip went really well! Momma only had to take one bathroom break along the way! Actually, it wasn't me that initiated the bathroom break, it was the guys in the other car that needed it. So of course, we got the munchkin out (who slept most of the way I might add) and took pics of our road trip!

When we got to the waterpark, the weather was cloudy and rainy but it cleared up and we were able to enjoy the day! There was plenty of slides, sprinklers, wave pools, and a lazy river for the two handicaps (Lidia the baby and me the preggo) to enjoy! There were also a few shoulders to lean on and plenty of lawn chairs to sleep on when princess got tired!

Then we enjoyed some yummy snacks! (yes, those are empty chairs behind her... meaning there was hardly anyone there but that meant shorter lines for us!!)

Then it was time to go to the hotel and get ready. We went to dinner at a delicious (and surprisingly cheap I might add) restaurant. It reminded me why I don't take Lidia out to dinner anymore but it was still a good time. Lidia and I were tired from the long day, so we went back to the hotel while the others stayed at the casino for a few hours! We had a great time playing and taking pictures of ourselves, then we zonked out for the night. Lidia was extra lucky and got to sleep in bed with her mama!! It was a great weekend!

Monday wasn't so great though. Lidia was beyond fussy. I didn't realize until about noon, that it was because she is getting yet another two teeth in!! Can you see in the picture above that her two top ones are completely through now? The ones right next to them are coming in and seem to be torturing her more than any of the other teeth. She is just not happy! She also has a runny nose, a bad cough, a slight fever last night, and just not sleeping well. Poor baby, it will be over soon!


Carol said...

I always love your sleeping baby pictures! It looks like you had a great time. Won't be long until you have 2 in tow.

Mitzi G. said...

Poor Princess; I hope that her tooth pops through very soon & you get some restful nights!!