July 15, 2010

Doctors suck.

I was up all night with false labor. This meant no sleep for momma so I stayed home from work with my baby girl on Tuesday.

Lidia had her one year check-up and I had my 38 week appointment. The Dr. said I was still dilated to 2 so no progress. A little disappointing to say the least. So people were on a mission. A mission to get me in labor. My sister and one of my friends came over Tuesday night and worked their baby voodoo magic on me. One website we went to had all the regular home remedies listed to try; Raspberry leaf tea, pressure points, walking, etc. But it also had a few interesting ones that any of my pregnant friends might wanna try... or no. My fav? GET ON ALL FOURS AND SHAKE YO BOOTY. No joke. Really?! But it's comedy and will make your friends laugh so maybe try it? Some other ones included telling your baby it's okay to come now. Ok, if it were that easy, I'd have a 6 month old by now. Galloping? Seriously? But I guess I can see that if you want to try and jump the baby out of you!

Anyway, that evening we went to the mall and walked. And walked. And walked. I was contracting every 5 to 10 minutes. They were regular and getting stronger but the mall closed so home we went. We sat down to watch the Season Finale of the Hills (duh) and my contractions stayed consistent but seemed to be spacing out. So we weren't going to let them die down this time and took a walk around my neighborhood. My contractions started coming every 3 minutes and pretty painful. Once I got home, they were about 2 minutes apart and it was go time. So off to the hospital we went after Lidia was taken care of.

I'm going to give you the short version of the story. We got to the hospital around 11pm, I was dilated to a 3 (earlier that day I was at a 2), and contractions were consistent and much stronger. The nurse said she would check me in 2 more hours and if I had progressed, then they would admit me. 2 hours later, she checked me and I was at a 4! WOO HOO! I was admitted and she said, "You aren't going home now!" Of course, this started the waiting game. I took a jacuzzi bath, had more contractions, took a little nap, more contractions, ate a popsicle, ya know the normal. She checked me several hours later and I was still at 4. This is where it gets fuzzy because remember, I didn't sleep Monday night. So it was now sometime around 5 or 6 am and I was going on almost 2 days without sleep. The nurse said the Dr that came in at 7 would come in and either break my water to get things going or start up Pitocin. Again, a sure sign (and the fact that I was already admitted) that Carly was coming! Well the Dr. didn't get to my room for several more hours but when she came in she said; "We're probably going to send you home."

Hmmm whaaaaaaaaaa!?" She began to explain that I hadn't progressed for several hours, stuck at 4, and since I wasn't 39 weeks they didn't feel comfortable giving me anything to induce labor. I was baffled. Mad. Frustrated. Sad. TIRED. Uncomfortable. Bawling. Of course, my contractions were still consistent but just not getting the job done. The first thing I thought of was Lidia. How do I take care of my one year old when I'm in this much pain, especially if this could last for days? I was a wreck. We stayed for a few more hours to see if there was any more progress but eventually I went home after 12 hours of labor. Blah. They set up an induction for next Wednesday the 21st. This means I will be meeting my baby girl in less than a week so I'm happy, but still frustrated with the whole ordeal and have so many unanswered questions...

-Why did you admit me and say I'm not going home, then send me home? I hate empty promises.
-Why does everyone say 38 to 42 weeks is the best time for a baby to be delivered, she's full term, but yet you are uncomfortable giving me something to help with labor?
-Why does one Dr./nurse say one thing, and a different one says another?
-Did you send me home because you were just too busy? Yes, I know that the floor was packed, you were delivering two sets of twins, several emergency c-sections but really?
-How do I know when to come back in? I was in real labor, it "stopped" and I was sent home. I'm more likely to give birth in my car at this point in fear of being sent home again!
-And above all, I appreciate you wanting to protect my baby by not bringing her into this world if she's not ready but I have myself and my other daughter to think about as well. Can you throw me a bone?

Anyway, we are home and I'm sorry for the negativity. I really will feel better after some much needed rest! I'm happy because I decided that I'm not going back to work before she's born. It's best to just be home and enjoy these last few days! Contractions come and go. I'm exhausted because Lidia decided to stay up ALL NIGHT last night. But I'm so excited for next week. Prayers that the contractions just go away. I just want to be comfortable, be able to sleep and enjoy being a mom of one princess these last few days! Hope everyone else is having a good week!


Megan said...

I will pray for you to either have that baby asap or to feel okay until the induction date :) I was sent home with my daughter after 10 hrs at the hospital, and then 15 min after I got back home that was it I was ready to go. Still 9 1/2 hrs later, but she came! I am thinking you will go before Wed. Fingers crossed for ya girl!

Mrs. Hesson said...

Oh no! What a disaster :( I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully she will come sooner than your induction date. We'll be praying!

Mrs. D said...

Seriously??!?! I got pissed just reading this. I would be like "GET MY BABY OUT OF ME DAMMIT!"

Sooo sorry you had to go through all of thatfor... NOTHING! UGH!

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my gosh, bless your heart. I don't blame you for being upset. Your adrenaline was going, you thought you were having a baby. I hope next Wednesday comes FAST! Oh and that you aren't in lots of pain from now until then.

Keep us updated.

Carol said...

That's irritating, but it's ALMOST BABY TIME! Awesome! You know the end is right around the corner...I can't wait to see squishy baby pics. Best of luck to you and I'll pray for a speedy and safe delivery for ya!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

oh no! sorry that you had to deal with all of that!!!!