July 06, 2010

Happy Rainy 4th of July weekend!

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!
Hope yours was as great and relaxing as ours! Friday was spent as usual... trying to keep an ear infected baby happy. I picked her up from daycare on Thursday and they said she had not been happy. (They never say that) She also had goo oozing out of her ear, so I took her to a walk-in clinic and she of course had another ear infection. She had a temp of 99 at the doctor so I stayed home with her Friday. She woke up happy, so we decided to walk around the mall to try and get Carly to come out and play! That evening, we had a girls night. The guys went to the casino and us girls hung at our house and watched movies, ate pizza, and were kept entertained by Miss Lidia herself. Oh and my mom rocked Katie to sleep...We thought this would make the guys laugh, but they didn't get our humor :)
Saturday, we went swimming with Grandma and then had a bbq at our house that evening with friends and family. I didn't get any pictures but it was still fun!Sunday was the 4th! It rained all weekend, so fireworks were cancelled here in good ol' Iowa. Lidia didn't get to enjoy the full effect of her first Fourth of July, but I'm sure she wouldn't have liked them much anyway! It was actually a pretty lazy day but it didn't stop Lidia from changing into two different 4th of July outfits!! We didn't do anything all morning, but Matt and I were able to spend some alone time together at the movies that afternoon, while Lidia was with her pops. Then the rest of the evening was spent at home as well. Ahhhh relaxation after having company over two days in a row! :)Then Monday was another lazy morning, but the afternoon was spent at Toys R US! Ohhhh my, does that child love toys! We went there to pick out birthday presents for her 1st birthday in...
5 DAYS!!!
She would have been happy with about 4 different $1.99 balls of out the bin below, but of course we got a little more! And one of the balls too! Duh! The whole time she kept saying, "Ball ball ball!" I don't even know where she learned it from!
... and we concluded the weekend with a nice little (long) walk around our neighborhood. Walking = baby out sooner... or no... ugh! But Lidia had fun and that's all that matters!


Megan said...

Looks like a fun, busy weekend! Hope you have a good, and relaxing week as well

t.bird said...

fun fun!
alex is obsessed with the balls too- i think if that's all we ever bought her she'd be happy!

Meant to be a mom said...

These are such good pictures. I love Lidia's little red white and blue patchwork dress. She is such a cutie.

I'm glad you had a good weekend. But I'm sad for Lidia that she keeps getting ear infections. That must be terrible for her. Poor baby.
And 1 year old! Wow.