August 21, 2010

Miss us??? We miss you too but man we've been busy!!
What have we been up to???
Carly is one month old tomorrow!!
She had a check-up yesterday and has already gained almost 2 pounds!!! My little chunky butt! She's 50% for height and head circumference and 70% for weight, so very average but my baby sure does love to eat!
I started the Babywise method a few days ago. Eat. Play. Sleep. It's supposed to help babies start sleeping through the night by about 8 weeks so we will see if it works! Right now she is still waking up every 3-4 hours but usually falls right back to sleep. Well this week she's been great about falling back to sleep right away anyway... and I started the method this week so maybe I'm on to something ehh???!
Lidia has seriously transformed into a little toddler/person basically overnight! We have nakey tag almost every night before or after bathtime. It's the highlight of our families' day! She runs around the entire upstairs, naked, screaming with laughter. This girl can seriously light up a room just by being in it! She makes you feel so special with all the new facial expressions she has! She is now saying...What is that, two, yes, no, night night, outside, and much more! She has also learned the sign language for more, please, and thank you! Her sleep has never been better! She takes two good naps during the day and sleeps from about 8:30 or 9pm until between 7 and 8am. I was finally a smart momma and bought her curtains that keep out sunlight for her room and it's added on an extra hour of sleep in the morning! I love my smart little girl more and more each day!!

We spent an entire rainy day at my favorite part of the summer... The Iowa State Fair!!!! Carly slept most of the day and was an amazing baby! I was so excited for Lidia to be able to ride a few rides, play in the play forest, pet animals, etc but it was raining so the only thing we could really do was look at the animals. Well she was scared out of her mind so what did she find to keep herself occupied?????

That's right she found a few water fountains and entertained seriously the entire street of people passing by with her squeals and laughter! This girl loves to entertain! She even got her picture taken for a newspaper!

I have started wedding planning so that's been keeping me occupied also! I've been wedding dress shopping (a lil late but I've been pregnant!!) and haven't found anything yet! I can't believe how picky I'm being but when you think about how many people will be looking at you in a dress and right after a baby??? It's a little bit of pressure! We also decided to make the invites. WORST. IDEA. EVER! They are so time consuming but my older sister is a genius with crafty business and they are turning out beautiful!!! I'll post a pic after they are sent out next week so I don't ruin the surprise for anyone!

Other than that, we have just been playing around the house. Lidia loves to play outside and has about ten thousand bruises and mosquito bites but she's happy so I'm happy! Carly has been up during the day a lot more and it's great to see her grow each day! I love to just lay on the ground and stare at her. She is such a miracle. I just love my two girls more than anything!

Last but not least we celebrated our little Ava tater's 4th birthday on a Sunday afternoon at a park! It was so fun and the kids loved it!

The beautiful birthday girl!

And so it begins...

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm excited for tonight! It's one of the last days for the fair and my man and I have our first date night out together since Carly was born! Boy oh boy do we deserve it!!

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