September 23, 2010

He liked it... so he put a ring on it!! (plus my convo with Lidia)

and in exactly one month from today...
I will have a husband?!
I love my man and our family with all my heart and I can't wait for our amazing day!!

my conversation with Lidia today while at work!
(straight from Matt and I's AIM conversation... and yes, we still instant message like cool kids! We gotta stay young somehow, right??!)

My Love 1:39 pm (Matt)

how are the girls?

specs1236 1:40 pm (Me... cool screen name, huh??)

good! omg i literally had a 5 minute convo with Lidia... here is how it went...

me: hi baby! what are you doing

lidia: ughsieufjlskj

me: oh yeah are you being nice to your sister?

lidia: jlkmwelk sissy jklsjeio

me: i love you!

lidia: dlkjeios

me: do you love me??

lidia: YEAH! (then she laughed)

me: (dying laughing) you love me??!? do you miss me???

lidia: iuwelkjfslmdlksfj

me: oh ok ill see you soon crazy girl

lidia: sdljeisldkjflskd

me: are you crazy???

lidia: YEAH!!! (laughing again)

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Megan said...

So cute! I cannot wait for the story and the pictures!!!