September 07, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

... and it was the first game of the season for the Iowa Hawkeyes!!!
... and of course we won!!
So we got up early that morning (with our hawkeye gear on of course) and headed to Clear Lake with Matt's family. (In less than two months... they will be mine... how weird!) It was only two hours away but it was still a nice getaway. As soon as we got in to town, we headed to "The Other Place" to watch the game and eat some pizza before we headed out on the lake for the evening.
We rented a pontoon for a few hours and it was very nice and relaxing. Then we headed to this spot on the lake with a little tiki bar and spent some time there before we went back to the place we were staying for a bbq. I played with my baby on the hammock and stole a smooch from my other love in a phone booth :)We got up the next morning to this...Drama Queen! Actually I'm totally kidding! Carly was such a good baby the entire trip... especially it being her first vacation and she slept for almost 6 hours straight that night!!! Maybe we should go out of town more often??? Anyway, we got up the next day and went jetskiing!! The water and weather were a little cold but totally worth it! Then we spent some more time sitting out by the lake before we headed home that evening. It was such a great getaway!Now just a few random pictures. The next few are of Carly in an outfit that I remember Lidia in when she was her age. Brings back so many memories and I love it!!

... and the last two are of my constipated one year old. They are hilarious but I feel so bad for her! This poor little girl has had hard poop for over a week now. I've tried everything! Prune juice, raisins, fiber bars, etc. Anyone have any other ideas because nothing is working!!!!!!!!

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Carol said...

I love Carly's Hawkeyes outfit...adorable! It's amazing how well behaved kids can be when you do something that is out of the ordinary...unlike trips to Walmart, which are ordinary and therefore require tantrums and meltdowns!

when my girls got constipated I would give them apple juice, full strength. It usually helped them work it out, but then again, they don't get juice often.

I spent many a day at Univ. of Iowa partying it up with my bestie...I recall memories of the Union Bar...but that was a decade ago!