September 22, 2010

What I'm loving Wednesday!

One thing is for sure! I'm NOT loving this picture... I'm back to work after 9 weeks off. Blahhhhhh. My first day back was yesterday and let me tell you, it was super hard! It's wayyy worse going back with two little ones on your mind all day! But they are in good hands! Tuesday/Thursday they are with my sister and Wednesdays they are with their grandmas!! What does this mean?? Mondays and Fridays they are with ME! I'm loving those days...
I'm loving my sweet baby Carly who is 2 MONTHS OLD TODAY!! Happy 2 months Carly! You are our sweet, cuddly, smiley, quiet baby and you complete us!
I'm loving this little cowgirl! I found these sassy cowboy boots a week ago in her toy chest. Durr... why would they be mixed in with all her toys and not on her cute little feet?! This little monster is growing and growing and so are her teeth! She is getting five teeth in right now! EEK! Not a happy camper, considering four of them are molers!
I'm loving Lidia and I's pedicures! She got her first pedicure and loved it!!
I'm loving sleepy time. Mainly because I lack sleep but also because it's quiet time around the house for at least a little bit! Also, I love sneaking in on both of them and creepily staring and taking pics! Only a mom can do that!
I'm loving football season! Iowa Hawkeyes and New Orleans Saints baby!
I'm loving our Expedition. I feel big and bad in it and apparently so does Lidia!
I'm loving how alert Carly is getting and I'm loving her smiles!
I'm loving these flower girl shirts I made for the girls for the reception at our wedding! I know they won't want to be in fancy dresses all day long, so why not make a t-shirt to go with a cute skirt?? Very proud of myself :)
But of course I'm still loving their flower girl dresses! They match!
and... I'm loving Lidia's first haircut! Actually it wasn't a real haircut, she just got her bangs trimmed but it counts for a picture at least right?? Thanks to by bff and maid of honor, the awesome hairstylist Lindsey, for cutting the first (of many) haircuts to my beauty's hair!

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littledaisymay said...

Thanks for playing along! What an adorable family you have!