October 14, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4: Parents

Oh, what can I say about these two??
They are without a doubt the best role models of what a marriage should be. They have been married for 18 years now (even though he thinks it's only been 13! ha! men...) and still going strong. When I first met my soon to be step-dad, he had a black eye from playing with his dog but even as a five year old, I thought he was sooooo cute! Not only did he marry my mom, but he married her daughters. What a guy! He has always been the only guy in the house. From cats to dogs to goldfish to granddaughters...And I think he secretly loves it. They are opposites. She's a people person and will talk to anyone she sees. He is more reserved and likes to work outside in the yard and watch football in his chair. But they would both do anything for the ones they love... especially their grandbabies! They love my girls with everything they have. They couldn't go a week (ahem... 3 days max) without seeing them for even 10 minutes! The special bonds they have with the girls are awesome. Lidia loves playing outside with Mampaw and she loves everything about her Mammaw. When Mammaw walks into the room, Lidia screams with excitement and runs to her. It's priceless. Of course, Carly's a little young for all that but she still "tells them her stories about the horrible things her Momma does to her"... according to my mom!
My dad has lived in South Dakota since I was young. I used to go out there and spend a month of my summer with him and would have the best time. We would hike, go to waterparks, explore the Black Hills, and I would go to work with him since he traveled. I always try and see him at least once or twice a year now but it's defnitely getting harder as I get older with work, kids, etc. We try to talk at least once a week and him and Lidia love having conversations on the phone. Lidia's first plane ride (and actually Carly's too because I was pregnant at the time) was to see my dad for Christmas last year. We haven't seen him since but he is coming here in ONE WEEK! I'm so excited for him to finally meet Carly and to see how big Lidia has gotten! Oh yeah, and to walk me down the aisle... :)

All three of my parents are amazing. My mom is my best friend... My dad gives great advice... My step-dad just rocks in general. I couldn't be luckier to have them all in my life!

(Sorry Carly! I don't have any pics of them with you on this computer... terrible!)

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Katie K. said...

Such a wonderful post! I think it is great that you included all 3...and your step dad does sound pretty amazing!