November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

 Doesn't she look mischievious?
 Always pulling her hair!
 This is before my mom and I went to the Rockettes!
Chloe came along too!

 My two sisters and their nieces!
 Our friends Thanksgiving... little did they know WE turned it into a pajama party!

 Steph with the littles...
 Katie and Bella!
 Collin bear!
 Guess what Miss Lidia is getting for Christmas??

 Uncle Jake was a hit with the ladies!  
 Aunt Chloe with the girls on Turkey Day!
 Grandma and Lidia
 Bubba and Lidia
 Grandpa and Bella
 My love :)

 Carly doing her Nebulizer :(
 and trying rice cereal for the first time on Thanksgiving!

 Grandma Elaine with the girls!

 Bella helping Carly with her medicine
 "We love you daddy!" (We sent him this pic today :)
 "Carly baby sister" love
 and a little 4 month old cuteness!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!