November 14, 2010

All About Carly

Carly will be four months old next week.
She loves her daddy. Her sister is her ultimate best friend. (They literally cry when the other one is crying and love being next to each other at all times.) Mommy can always (usually) make her smile.
 Her favorite toy is the Jumparoo.
She is usually in bed around 8pm and will get up about twice a night to eat and then right back to bed. Lately, she's been getting up earlier but she is known to sleep in until 9am!
Naps times are hit or miss these days.
This child loves sleep but does not love being put to sleep... if that makes sense. She thinks she must be held/rocked to bed each night. She usually grunts until she falls asleep and does this nice little jig of waking up as soon as you lay her down. Sometimes it can be a real chore but she throws in a few easy breezy nights

 We've moved her into her crib at night and most naps. She still likes her swing for naps too.
(I know, bad mom)
 Not a big fan of tummy time but is rolling over from stomach to back as of a few weeks ago!!
 She just started laughing.
 She wears 3 month clothing.
 Size 1-2 diapers. (STILL using the diapers I got when Lidia was born!)
 She's eating 3-4 ounces every 2-3 hours.
She has the most beautiful blue eyes!
 Her hair is still hilarious and sticks up in back!
 Loves to hang out in her Bumbo and watch her family.
 I feel like I couldn't love her more but then she does something and I love her more...
She's so sweet. She's so innocent. She's so beautiful. Yet, she can be crabby.
She's growing and learning and discovering new things each day. Carly, your mom is a bit obsessed with you! I love you baby girl!


Kelly Escorcia said...

Carly is so sweet and beautiful. Kelly

Meant to be a mom said...

She is such a cutie girl. I can't believe she's already almost 4 months old. Wow time flies.

Oh and I do like the new name of your blog :)