November 24, 2010

You don't know what love is until...

You have a baby. True. But I'm talking about the gross kind of love. Ya know, the one where you pull poo out of your babies booty? Now that's true love and I would never do that for anyone else but my kids. Sorry Mr. Fritz, not even you. Ok, maybe I'll help you poo when you're old and gray but heyyy, let's just get back to my point...

Carly is sick. Real sick and her antibiotics are making her constipated. So constipated that I had to take action myself to remedy my poor nugget. I won't get into all the details but I just thought I'd share about my fun poo filled night. So onto what's wrong with the littles...

About a week and a half ago, Lidia and I both got bronchitis. It was the first time in a lonngggg time that I had been really really sick. We both got on antibiotics and were better in a matter of days. Carly started the same coughing bit this weekend and was gagging when she coughed, so Monday I took her to the doctor. The Dr. checked Carly's ears first.

Ear infection.

Then she checked her breathing. She was weezing and the doctor said she had the baby form of bronchitis (bronchalitis??) and needed to be watched for asthma. So this means my poor nugget is on a nebulizer to treat her bronchitis and help her breathing. She is also on an antibiotic for her ear infections. Woah mama. THEN, the doctor wanted to check to make sure my little Lidiboo was over her bronchitis. She checked her ears first.

Ear infection. (I despise you ear infections! :::shaking fists in air:::)

Oh, but wait for it. Remember when she got tubes back at nine months? Well her right tube has fallen out. This means it is no longer working and she will most likely be getting more and more ear infections and having to get the tube put back in. So, she just got off her antibiotic for the bronchitis on Sunday, and on another antibiotic for an ear infection on Monday. Oh, my poor babies... will they ever get a break?

But onto better things... we had a fun filled weekend! Friday night, my husband and I had a date. We got to go to the Dane Cook show! I'm so in love with that man. So hot and so funny but I was pretty disappointed in the show. His comedy routine was new and not that funny but he was still looking fly, so I had a good time! Any night alone with my handsome hubby is a good night. Then Saturday night, we had our first annual friends' Thanksgiving at Sarah's house. Amazing food and even better friends, what more could I ask for?? Sunday and Monday were filled with cuddles and football and that completes our weekend. I'm so glad that everyone in our house is starting to feel better and I'm very excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow! I will be hosting for the first time... wish me luck!

and I'll be back in a few days with pics from last weekend and from Thanksgiving tomorrow! From my family to yours, we hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving! I know I'll be getting turkey and mashed potato wasted! (if you aren't familiar... check out the movie Grown Ups :)

 Happy Holidays everyone!


Megan said...

I had tubes numerous times as a kid, they sure do stink! Hoping that she won't get too many more infections! So jealous of the Dane Cook Show, have a great time (p.s. I think he is super hot too)! Thanks for the blog comment, I know it oculd be a while longer, but hey progress is progress right :)

Kati McDonald said...

i love your stories. get those girlies feeling better :)