December 30, 2010

The joys of parenting...

Oh Lidia....If you only knew what it was like to be her parent...

I'm telling you, it's the best roller coaster I've ever been on! She's funny, sassy, sweet, demanding, outspoken, energetic, cuddly, sometimes mean, hilarious, loves to give kisses, loves to hit...

Do you get where I'm going with this??? One minute she's happy blowing kisses, the next she's hitting me because I didn't give her enough attention... terrible two's much?

Anyway, the past month with her has been quite interesting. She's been sick off and on almost every week. She's been to the doctor 3 times in the past 3 weeks, and if you know me, you know I hate "bothering" the doctor by going for something petty so she's been pretty sick. High fevers, throwing up, more ear infections, the works! This all means that her sleep has gotten out of wack, not to mention the holiday season where she got the best present of all by being allowed to sleep with Grandma and Grandpa on Christmas Eve!

So what does this all mean? My lovely ::almost 18 month old eee!::: refuses to sleep in her crib... AWESOME. Her "typical routine" is going to bed between 8 and 8:30pm each night in her crib. I lay her in there awake once she gets tired, and most nights she's out within a few minutes. Sometimes she fusses a bit, and sometimes she plays a bit. But for the most part, it's easy breezy getting her to bed even when she's sick. If she's sick, she will wake up in the middle of the night and I do what I do to get her back to bed but for the most part, she's gotten a good little routine down... until now.

Storytime? Good. A few nights ago I laid Lidia down around her normal bedtime. She laid down easily and I thought she was out. 20 minutes later I hear horrendous screams and cries. She never fell asleep. So I laid her in bed with me to get her to fall asleep. No such luck. All I heard was every word she knows how to say, followed with lots of kisses, and strokes to my hair. I put her back in bed. Fireworks. I repeat in bed with me. Again no luck. So Matt finally takes her and walks around our living room with her, her head laying on his shoulder. He said this worked a few nights prior and she fell asleep easily. Again, no luck. At one point (probably around 10pm... ugh) she said, 'couch'. This little girl loves to wake up and watch Barney every morning in her spot on the couch ever since she's been sick and found this spot. So he laid her down on the couch. No Barney. No tv. No lights. Noone in the room with her.

She was out within 5 min.

Of course I didn't leave her on the couch, I put her in her crib once she was asleep but she woke up a few hours later wanting to be out of her crib again! This new "awesome" routine has happened the last few nights. She doesn't want her crib. She doesn't want to lay in bed with anyone. She doesn't want anything but her blankey, a pillow, and a bed or couch to fall asleep in all on her own.

So my question is... Is she ready for a big girl bed? Her crib turns into a toddler daybed... would this work for her? Would it be enough of a "change" so that she will finally sleep again? Do I wait it out and see if she will go back to liking her crib? Since she likes a big bed and takes up an entire bed while sleeping, do I switch her to an actual "big bed" mattress on the floor? All of these questions are going through my head and I don't know a good answer except to try all of them and see what works??? But man, we need some sleep! Especially with a 5 month old that still wakes up at night!

When did you switch your toddler to a toddler/big bed?

December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010!

Christmas Eve:
We spent the day together as a family! We opened Father Todd's (grandpa Todd) gifts the evening before so we played with those, wore the cute outfits, finished up some last minute gift wrapping, and napped!
We woke up from our late naps, packed, got dressed all pretty, and went to our Christmas Eve service at church. It was a musical type ordeal and the songs were beautiful! Carly did great! She stayed in the sanctuary the whole time just looking around and Lidia stayed for about 10 minutes before Aunt Bubba took her to play in the self-serve nursery so this Momma could enjoy some Christmas songs.
Carly's first Christmas!
Our little family!
After Christmas Eve service, we went over to my mom's house to stay the night. We've kept several traditions in my family since I was young and even though I have a family of my own now, I wanted to try and keep those traditions! Anyway, since I've been young, we've always opened one gift (an ornament) on Christmas Eve. Then, the three sisters always stay the night together and wake up extremely early (too early if you ask me) to open presents. We make a big breakfast, play games, and stay in pj's all day... awesome? Yes!
So this year was no different.I packed my little family and we all stayed at my moms house. We opened our ornaments and our secret santa pj's (a new tradition made by ME this year) got the girls in bed, played a game, and went to bed. Lidia and Carly weren't liking being away from their own bed too much, so I might have to rethink the whole staying the night tradition, but it was still fun!
We all woke up the next morning to Santa's gifts and our stockings! (and the girls in cute matching pj's of course!)
Santa gave Lidia a Dora and Lidia gave Dora a stare-down...
She also got a new kitchen playset which she LOVES! She loves to salt n pepper EVERYTHING!
Carly slept the entire time we opened presents and woke up to all the fun of...
Lidia playing with her new refridgerator magnets and playing with her new hat Bubba made her!
Then Carly did what she does best and scooted around my parents first level in her walker... she managed to find herself some delicious treats in the fridge too!
Then changed her outfit and got tickles from Daddy...
Being a ham like usual...
More kisses for Dora...
Playing Just Dance on the WII. (I rock at that game... hands down :)
... and the naps begin...
... and trying to crack my back? Impossible...
Talking to Grandpa...
and as always, lots of smiles, laughs, tickles, and kisses!
It was a GREAT Christmas! Full of memories, lounging around, family, food, and laughter. Happy Birthday Jesus and I hope everyone had a blessed holiday!

December 21, 2010

Twas the week before Christmas...

Last week started out like any other; a grumpy, teething, 17 month old. She is going through a HUGE mommy phase right now! All I hear is, "My momma!" or "Momma, Momma!" if I'm in the other room or (insert extremely loud cry here) if I'm not in her sight. Seriously, it melts my heart and makes me want to sit in a bathroom all by my lonesome for a few minutes all at the same time! Good thing I have a sweet little 5 month old (tomorrow!) that just smiles and giggles through it all! Makes life a little easier...

It was my annual ladies Christmas! With everyone low on cash this year, (I owe all thanks to a certain wedding) we decided to do a pot luck and hang with the kiddos. Dinner was delicious. Wait did I even get to eat???!! Lidia was a terror! (This is where the MY MOMMA started) She did not want me to play with anyone else and she did not want me to leave her side. Carly was a little out of sorts too, so my ladies Christmas was kind of a bust! I guess that's what I get for taking them out on a week night! The pictures below are some very disguising cute pics of them at the party... chewing on toys, playing on the stairs coloring, and snuggling with London!

We woke up to the same grumpy. Again, not Carly... she's been so good lately!! :::knocks on wood::: So, I thought maybe Lidia needed out of the house, and I needed (still do) to get some Christmas shopping done, so we met Alaina and the kids at the mall for some play time. Lidia had fun for about ten minutes, then she saw me tickling Carly and life wasn't so fun anymore! Again, the pictures are deceiving of Lidia... she loves when I say CHEESE! so then she smiles but not for long. And aren't Carly and Cameron just the cutest???)

Then we went to see Santa again. No pics this time because this mall wouldn't allow it! Really?? Bad business call right there when you have 3 other malls in the same town that do allow it don't you think? BUT we still had fun! We rode some rides, and wrote letters to Santa.
Friday evening:
Lidia and I went back to the mall with Grandma and Bubs for some shopping and left Carly at home with Daddy. Again, a total disaster. Let me tell you that Lidia LOVES her grandma but she tried to walk out of a store without me right next to her and FIREWORKS! I have never seen or heard this child cry so hard! I got out of there as fast as I could and got her in bed.
Saturday and Sunday:
Lazy days. Sunday we all went to my moms to make Christmas cookies. Ummm that didn't happen. Everyone in the house took a nap. It was glorious! Carly in their guest room, Aunt Chloe and Bella in Chloes room, Lidia and I in my parents room. Then Ami and my mom in the family room, and my step-dad and Matt in the living room. It was seriously awesome and we slept forever! Needless to say, we did not get cookies made but we will sometime this week, I promise!
Now, I've talked this entire post about Lidia being extremely fussy but this is completely unlike her. And this lasted all week... tantrums, crying, not letting me out of her sight, new teeth, waking up at night, etc. So when Monday came around and she inherited a nasty cough, I thought it was time to take her back to the doctor. NOTHING! It's just a bad cold added in with new teeth coming in but stuff like that don't usually bother her this bad. Is it her age? A phase? Separation anxiety this old? Anyone else going through this with a 17 month old???

December 16, 2010


My heart hurts.

Not for anything in particular going on in my life, but because of what is going on in this families' life...

This family has twin 20 month olds, one of which died in her sleep last week. 20 months old!!! I don't know the details of her death but this is devastating. You better believe that the last few nights I've lost sleep just going in to check on my girls, feeling their stomachs/backs to make sure they were breathing. I can't even imagine what this family is going through.

Ever since I came across this story from Kelly's Korner a few days ago, I haven't been able to get this family out of my head. It wasn't until I read Alicia (the mom's) post today until I actually sat at my desk and grieved with her for a few minutes. What she said that moved me was, "My prayer for you is that you will love your babies every day, you will kiss them every day, you will hug them every day and you will cherish every minute you spend with them. I think back to the last day i spent with Evie. She wanted me to hold her and i was frustrated because i had so much christmas shopping, wrapping and cleaning to do. Did that matter, not one bit. I gave her a bath, put her pjs on, we read a book, i laid her in her bed and kissed her. If i had only known that would be the last time. You never know when something will be your last."

If words like that don't move you, I don't know what will. Of course any mother loves her kids with all that she has, but we also get so wrapped up in our daily lives, our own frustrations, holidays, work, family, friends, etc. that we forget to cherish every single moment. It brought me back to this morning. Lidia has been sick, teething, and just not herself and wants her Mommy only. Of course that makes my heart happy but at moments like this morning when I am already late getting ready for work, and all she wants to do is be by my side and put on my make-up, and cry when I leave a room, I get frustrated. Why???? Because my daughter, my world, wants to be around me??? I'm frustrated with that???? I can't imagine how I would be feeling if something happened to her tomorrow and that was the last memory I had of her.

So my request for you is to remember this story, remember this family, and remember to always cherish every moment with loved ones. Life really is too short. So go love on your babies, take a long nap with them, heck give them a big slice of cake just because you can, because they are alive. Love on your husbands, forget the past, move on, don't bicker over nonsense, and just love.

Also, please please please pray for this family. Especially Ramsey, the little girl that lost her twin sister who is probably in a world of hurt and doesn't know how to express it. She needs our prayers most of all. And always remember Miss beautiful Evie, she is in a better place until her family joins her.

December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

And of course it's not wordless...
but hey, I tried!

Ahhh the life! Chillin' in her sister's bouncy, eating some grilled cheese, watching Praise Baby?!?! Only a sick little girl gets that kind of treatment!

 You can find this bad boy at your local Younkers... Seriously a Mu Mu for P.j.s?!?!
I think Carly (or Mommy) is trying to say something.... :)