December 02, 2010

Lidia stole my blog!

Hello friends, it's me Lidia! Guess what I did? That's right! I peed and poo poo'd in the potty! Well, I've only done it a few times, but you understand what I'm saying! Mommy will say, "Lidi, do you want to go potty?" And I run straight to the bathroom bull-legged and all. My mommy thinks it's really cute and she usually claps and laughs and screams, "Yay!" So I really like doing it. Plus, she usually gives me a sticker and a sucker and I say, "Girl!" for big girl. I'm getting so big!

I have a lot of fun these days. I like to color all the time, read books, and I play with my baby a lot too! Mommy will say, "Lidia will you change the babie's diaper?" And I head over to the diaper bin and change her because she stinks! I like to jump and say, "One (minus the one) Two, Three!" I am starting to hate my highchair because I'm not a baby anymore! See! This is where I like to eat now...

This weekend I helped my Papa put up the Christmas tree! It was fun, he put me in the cardboard box and I thought that taking all the ornaments off the tree was really fun! Shhhhh don't tell mom but I still think that's pretty fun!

I'm also obsessed with cell phones! I love to talk to my Mamaw and Manpaw on the phone. I steal my momma's phone any chance I get and say, "Hello? Hi! Yeah! sldjflsdj BUH BYE!" Everyone thinks it's pretty funny, but I know what I'm talking about, even if they don't!

Last night I stole a bag of Doritos. My mommy's pretty sure the bag was in the trash can because the only thing left were crumbs. I'll never tell...
Oh yeah, and Sissy is getting pretty big too! She can roll over from both sides now! She's giving my momma a heck of a time getting her to bed at night though. I love my baby sister!
Well folks, that's all i got! Keep Calm and Carry on! Mooches! (blowing kisses)


The Thompson Bugs. said...

Yay for going Potty. :) Lidia is so cute!! :) & we have the same anniversary! me and hubby got married Oct. 23, 2007. congrats!! ♥

Meant to be a mom said...

Yay Lidia, She is seriously so adorable. I love all the pics of the girls.