December 10, 2010

One, Two, Three!

Isn't she so cute???! She's doing the funniest things these days...

- You say, "Lidia how big are you?" She holds up one finger (a few months ago that was her sign for saying she was one) and says three. Haha where did she even learn that???
- When Carly is crying she says, "Sissy cry?"
- You say, "What does Santa say??" She says, "Ho ho ho!"
- She will go and get a diaper when she needs changed OR she will get a diaper and change one of her baby dolls when she thinks she needs changed!
- New words she says, "Go, Ok!, Santa, Chloe, Carly, Potty, Bath, Carseat, Mine, Mayme (blankie), Play and much more.
- She's starting to put words together... "I gonna..., Hi Sissy, Hi Mommy, etc., Bye Sissy, Bye Mommy, etc. I play, My milk, etc.
She is so fun... SO FUN these days but boy her temper can get out of control at times! She's also back to being a huge momma's girl, oh I love how much she loves me!!

And I can't leave without some updates on Lil Sis. She's so precious and beautiful. She's getting to be so fun too! She smiles, laughs, loves to jump in her jumparoo, and she's so strong! She's a rolling over machine, she loves her rice cereal, and she loves her mommy too! This weekend the husband will be out of town so it's ladies weekend and I'm very excited to have some alone time with the kiddos and maybe a tub full of ice cream and a little bit of Dane Cook on the boob tube once they are in bed! Wish me luck!

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