December 16, 2010


My heart hurts.

Not for anything in particular going on in my life, but because of what is going on in this families' life...

This family has twin 20 month olds, one of which died in her sleep last week. 20 months old!!! I don't know the details of her death but this is devastating. You better believe that the last few nights I've lost sleep just going in to check on my girls, feeling their stomachs/backs to make sure they were breathing. I can't even imagine what this family is going through.

Ever since I came across this story from Kelly's Korner a few days ago, I haven't been able to get this family out of my head. It wasn't until I read Alicia (the mom's) post today until I actually sat at my desk and grieved with her for a few minutes. What she said that moved me was, "My prayer for you is that you will love your babies every day, you will kiss them every day, you will hug them every day and you will cherish every minute you spend with them. I think back to the last day i spent with Evie. She wanted me to hold her and i was frustrated because i had so much christmas shopping, wrapping and cleaning to do. Did that matter, not one bit. I gave her a bath, put her pjs on, we read a book, i laid her in her bed and kissed her. If i had only known that would be the last time. You never know when something will be your last."

If words like that don't move you, I don't know what will. Of course any mother loves her kids with all that she has, but we also get so wrapped up in our daily lives, our own frustrations, holidays, work, family, friends, etc. that we forget to cherish every single moment. It brought me back to this morning. Lidia has been sick, teething, and just not herself and wants her Mommy only. Of course that makes my heart happy but at moments like this morning when I am already late getting ready for work, and all she wants to do is be by my side and put on my make-up, and cry when I leave a room, I get frustrated. Why???? Because my daughter, my world, wants to be around me??? I'm frustrated with that???? I can't imagine how I would be feeling if something happened to her tomorrow and that was the last memory I had of her.

So my request for you is to remember this story, remember this family, and remember to always cherish every moment with loved ones. Life really is too short. So go love on your babies, take a long nap with them, heck give them a big slice of cake just because you can, because they are alive. Love on your husbands, forget the past, move on, don't bicker over nonsense, and just love.

Also, please please please pray for this family. Especially Ramsey, the little girl that lost her twin sister who is probably in a world of hurt and doesn't know how to express it. She needs our prayers most of all. And always remember Miss beautiful Evie, she is in a better place until her family joins her.


Carol said...

This breaks my heart in a million pieces. How often we take a day and one another for granted. I will pray for this family.

Heather M said...

Man, I cant imagine the pain, this is heart breaking. I cant wait to get off work and love my little man.