December 21, 2010

Twas the week before Christmas...

Last week started out like any other; a grumpy, teething, 17 month old. She is going through a HUGE mommy phase right now! All I hear is, "My momma!" or "Momma, Momma!" if I'm in the other room or (insert extremely loud cry here) if I'm not in her sight. Seriously, it melts my heart and makes me want to sit in a bathroom all by my lonesome for a few minutes all at the same time! Good thing I have a sweet little 5 month old (tomorrow!) that just smiles and giggles through it all! Makes life a little easier...

It was my annual ladies Christmas! With everyone low on cash this year, (I owe all thanks to a certain wedding) we decided to do a pot luck and hang with the kiddos. Dinner was delicious. Wait did I even get to eat???!! Lidia was a terror! (This is where the MY MOMMA started) She did not want me to play with anyone else and she did not want me to leave her side. Carly was a little out of sorts too, so my ladies Christmas was kind of a bust! I guess that's what I get for taking them out on a week night! The pictures below are some very disguising cute pics of them at the party... chewing on toys, playing on the stairs coloring, and snuggling with London!

We woke up to the same grumpy. Again, not Carly... she's been so good lately!! :::knocks on wood::: So, I thought maybe Lidia needed out of the house, and I needed (still do) to get some Christmas shopping done, so we met Alaina and the kids at the mall for some play time. Lidia had fun for about ten minutes, then she saw me tickling Carly and life wasn't so fun anymore! Again, the pictures are deceiving of Lidia... she loves when I say CHEESE! so then she smiles but not for long. And aren't Carly and Cameron just the cutest???)

Then we went to see Santa again. No pics this time because this mall wouldn't allow it! Really?? Bad business call right there when you have 3 other malls in the same town that do allow it don't you think? BUT we still had fun! We rode some rides, and wrote letters to Santa.
Friday evening:
Lidia and I went back to the mall with Grandma and Bubs for some shopping and left Carly at home with Daddy. Again, a total disaster. Let me tell you that Lidia LOVES her grandma but she tried to walk out of a store without me right next to her and FIREWORKS! I have never seen or heard this child cry so hard! I got out of there as fast as I could and got her in bed.
Saturday and Sunday:
Lazy days. Sunday we all went to my moms to make Christmas cookies. Ummm that didn't happen. Everyone in the house took a nap. It was glorious! Carly in their guest room, Aunt Chloe and Bella in Chloes room, Lidia and I in my parents room. Then Ami and my mom in the family room, and my step-dad and Matt in the living room. It was seriously awesome and we slept forever! Needless to say, we did not get cookies made but we will sometime this week, I promise!
Now, I've talked this entire post about Lidia being extremely fussy but this is completely unlike her. And this lasted all week... tantrums, crying, not letting me out of her sight, new teeth, waking up at night, etc. So when Monday came around and she inherited a nasty cough, I thought it was time to take her back to the doctor. NOTHING! It's just a bad cold added in with new teeth coming in but stuff like that don't usually bother her this bad. Is it her age? A phase? Separation anxiety this old? Anyone else going through this with a 17 month old???