January 06, 2011


will be being made in our household. Effective? Immediately.
And here's why...
  • Lidia loves Barney and her Praise baby DVD's. = watching t.v. instead of playing. And please noone mention the "B word" around her when Barney isn't playing, you might get hit. No bueno. My house will not be full of kids that would rather watch t.v. instead of reading books, playing with toys, playing outside, or just spending time with family.
  • Lidia hates her highchair = wanting to eat all meals at her "big girl table" (which I'm fine with) or walking around the house or sitting on the couch eating. (which I'm NOT fine with)
  • Lidia loves sweets = bye bye healthy food, hello screaming when she doesn't get the food she wants and probably a huge dental bill later if this continues...
  • Lidia has a new found hate for her bed (previous post talking about it HERE) = crying for an hour at bedtime, waking up at 2am for more screaming (seriously sometimes I have to check that someone isn't in there hurting her, it's that loud!), Mommy laying on her bedroom floor next to her crib just to get her to sleep, more crying when she realizes I crawled on all fours and snuck out of her room when I thought she had fallen asleep, waking up her sister, and eventually ending up in our bed at 4am smiling and laughing and saying, "Hi!" because she finally got what she wanted.
So, the happy, smiley, hilarious baby that you see in all the pictures I post?? She is gonezo and I want her back! Terrrible twos a little early? Sister jealousy finally kicking in? Is it my fault because I have two babies under two and we have to keep our sanity by giving in when we shouldn't? My daughter is just too smart for her own good? All of these questions I keep asking myself and blaming myself for what has happened. Instead of placing blame or asking questions though, I have decided to take action. We introduced Barney, allowed her to sit on the recliner to eat breakfast while getting ready or trying to take care of our other daughter, gave her a cookie here or there, and allowed her to sleep in our bed when she was sick. All of these things I "allowed" are valid to do occassionally for any toddler, but we aren't working with your average kid over here. I'm pretty sure we are working with a genius (what mom doesn't think that about their baby, amen?!) that knows how to get what she wants and when she wants it! So I have to figure out a way to reverse what has been done.
  • A little t.v. action in the morning when I'm getting ready for work (c'mon I have to have a little break to shower right?! plus Barney teaches you to share and she definitely could use a lesson on sharing!) but the rest of the day should be mostly for playing, napping, kisses, and lots more playing!
  • I bought her a booster seat to sit at our dining room table for all meals of the day. Also, we will try to have family dinners weekly when Matt comes home early from work. I grew up with family dinners and I think it's extremely important.
  • See ya later sweets. End. Of. Story.
  • The bedtime situation is a little difficult though. I will continue to let her cry until she falls asleep at night and try and let her cry it out when/if she wakes up at 3am but I have no promises. I HAVE to sleep. My 5 month old HAS to sleep. My husband HAS to sleep and so does Lidia. One thing at a time right? But as my love said to me last night at 3am when I was at my wits end... "She's been doing it for half a year now, she knows how to sleep through the night, she figured it out then and she will figure it out now." (Or something similar to that) And he's right, she always does... Remember she's a genius right?!
I sure hope these changes work. I sure hope it's just a phase. I sure hope the whining will stop. I sure hope my baby comes back!
... and as I just finished up writing this I got a text from her babysitter. No joke it said,
"I just fed Lidia her lunch. After she was done eating I said, "Time for night night Lidia?" Lidia said, "Uh huh! Yeah!" and she picked up her Maymee (Blankie) and paci and walked straight into her bedroom. She got into bed, laid down, and was out in 5 minutes with no crying."

REALLY?! Either she's playing a nasty trick on her mom, or she's getting back in the swing of things...

BUT want to hear about a good change?!?!?
CARLY IS SITTING UP ALL ON HER OWN! She's been trying to sit for a little while now and able to do it for a few minutes at a time, but she literally just started doing it for realsies yesterday! She will sit up for about ten minutes all by herself. She's got some really good balance and she is so proud of herself... smiling the whole time she's doing it! She's only 5 months old too! Pure genius I tell ya! ;)

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MrsSouthernBelle said...

I only WISH that Keating would watch TV... just for five minutes... five blissful minutes!