January 02, 2011

The end of 2010

2010 was amazing.
These two little girls were definitely a big reason for that.
 Sweet, happy, smiley Carly came into our lives to complete our family and Lidia spent a lot of time doing this....
 We ended our last weekend of 2010 the best way we know how... and that is together. Bella was with us too loving on "baby sister Carly" of course!
Carly started sitting up for several minutes at a time this weekend and starting scooting across the floor. She's rolling over constantly and never wants to stay still! It's so nice because she's becoming a lot more independent and at such a fun age!
New Year's Eve! We got dressed up in pretty dresses of course. Wait, I stayed in sweats all day but the girls looked super cute!
 Then that evening we put on our party hats and hung out with friends at our house!
 Then the girls got in matching jammies and entertained us all!
 The next morning we woke up to books, matching tights, and very sleepy parents and friends :)
Then that evening we went to Grandma Elaines for our last Christmas where the girls got these super cute hats!
 ... and Carly was super drooly...
 ...and Grandma Elaine made us a turkey dinner and the girls got to sit on bar stools like big girls...
 ... and we opened up presents and got two new tricycles!
Now today we are in relax mode! Grandma and Grandpa came over for breakfast, now everyone in the house is napping except me and Carly. We are doing this!
Hope everyone had a great New Year's, a fantastic 2010, and here's to an even better 2011!
(Not sure how to top it considering I had a baby, enjoyed life with my first born, and got married but we will try, right?!)

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