January 15, 2011

Going a little stir crazy

I'm sure you've heard of the winter blues before... I think we have them! It's too cold to do anything, there's snow on the ground, taking two kids anywhere is an experience in itself, plus the girls are home all day with a babysitter while I'm at work 3 days a week, so I'm sure they might have it a little more than I do. So this is what we've been doing to entertain ourselves... 
Nakey play time and the typical no pants playtime (with crazy socks and crazy hats?)
Showing off our rad sitting up skillllllzz (throw a Barney hat in the mix too!)
 Play "This is the way we go to church" with Aunt Bubba and MaMaw)
Dressing up in Barney costumes and cute headbands
 Melting mommy's heart with just a smile :)
Dressing up in crazy hats again with rainboots... oh and more nakey time! (I didn't stage this, I seriously found her in our hallway with this hat on, and putting on these rainboots!)

Running away from Mommy, getting into everything, watching Barney, playing with our new Barney doll and our new kitchen set, coloring, reading, and of course taking lots and lots of pictures...
What do you do in the winter to keep your kids entertained?


Megan said...

Love all of these pictures! So adorable! Especially the nakedness and rain boots! Ha!

Hanna said...

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Carol said...

Ah, I remember the days of winter cabin fever. Fortunately, we don't get that down here. Nakey time is always fun...for kids & adults (but not at the same time - ewwww).