March 30, 2011

See this girl???...

Yeah that girl.
The one who needs a new hair-do,
a little tan in her life,
a vacation,
to get back into spinning class
 and more hours in her day?
See what's behind that girl?
 Yes, that.
Those notebooks and file cabinets?
That girl and those things equaled in a disaster today at work.
Can you imagine it now?
Me bending over in front of the cardboard box full of notebooks,
not remembering there is a file cabinet above my head when I stand up?
It still hurts.
Big time fail.
And since that story had zero point to it...

See this girl?
She is one of my closest friends since we were 5 or 6 years old.
We grew up in church together,
her mom babysat me,
she was Lidia's first babysitter,
labor coach for both girls,
and a bridesmaid in my wedding.
That girl,
Alaina, is 25, married, has three kids, and one more on the way.
(overachiever in the babymaking area if you ask me :)
Alaina and baby number 4 need your prayers.
This was her Facebook post today...
 "I dont like to post about myself, but please pray for me and our little unborn baby. I had a fetal fibronectin test (tells the dr if i will "deliver" in 2 weeks) done yesterday. They just called this morning and it came back POSITIVE. I go today for my first round of steroids today and find out what the game plan is, and then i go back again tomorrow for my second round of steroid shots. Please pray for us!"

She's only 26 weeks pregnant and her three other kids were all born at least 4 weeks early.
Please keep her family in your prayers!

Do you see this girl?
This is how I found her sleeping last night...
I'm pretty sure she was sitting up, leaned forward, and just feel asleep like that!
(Don't worry I moved her!)

And this girl...
The one giving Carly a hug?
Has been the sweetest little thing lately!
Besides her voice being raspy (random) and her non-sleeping the last few nights, she's been so lovey-dovey!

Last week I put both girls down for a nap in the afternoon.
 I was tired also, so I decided to let Lidia take a nap with me instead of in her crib.
She laid down in our bed and said very excitedly,
"Mayme! (blankie) Milk! Pillow! Momma! YAYYYYYY!"
(As though she was in heaven or something!)
Then she kissed my forehead three times, said, "Lush you!" and turned over and fell asleep.
I turned into a pile of goo.
That girl melts my heart.

March 29, 2011

Our Weekend + My BFF

Our weekend started on Thursday.
The girls' babysitter was out of town, so I got to stay home on Thursday,
(I don't work Fridays or Mondays)
sooo it was a lonnng weekend for us!
 Wednesday night we hung out late at Mamaw and Mampaw's house watching American Idol,
and Lidia helped Aunt Chloe do her homework!
Then Thursday morning I had some errands to run, so we went to the mall and played at the play place!

Now that I'm starting to recall our weekend, the days are running together!
I'm starting to forget when we did what...Whoops...
Anyway, I'm pretty sure Thursday night we did nothing.
Oh yeah, we watched more American Idol and Jersey Shore and took pictures of nakey butts!
Then Friday morning I woke up to the best news ever!!
My BFF and her boyfriend got engaged!
He took her on a romantic weekend getaway to Arizona and proposed!
Of course I knew about it,
(durrr I helped pick out the ring)
but it was still very exciting!!
And I'm MOH...


Here she is in all her glory at my wedding...
on the party bus...
gettin' her groove on at the reception...
 walking down the aisle with Matt's brother...
And of course giving her speech!
I can't wait to be apart of her day and helping her plan is already so much fun!!

Lacie and her now fiance started dating at our wedding,
Became "boyfriend/girlfriend" a week later, and will be getting married exactly one year from that date! Adorable!

Anyway, back to our weekend. It was very low-key.
Bella was here again so that is always fun!
On Saturday night we babysat my friends son, so that meant we had four kids in our house...
It was exhausting...
Collin, Carly, and Bella. Lidia was running around somewhere!

Then Sunday and Monday were some more lazy days.
But somehow we did manage to squeeze in buying a new dryer, hiring a cleaning lady, and buying Dora pj's!
Ok, so we are officially lame.
Our weekends are so boring.
I'm surprised I have any friends :)
So I will just leave you with some cute pictures!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

March 28, 2011

We be Vloggin!

I thought I'd join the bandwagon on the vlogging but I almost didn't post this because...
1. I just got out of the shower and look terrible.
(note to self: dont vlog on lazy Mondays when you dont get ready for the day and showing yourself to the internet)
2. My voice sounds weird!
(Is it just me or is it kind of awkward to talk to a camera?!)
3. It was short and really no point or story to it

But. Carly looked adorable as always and it was still kinda fun. So I think I'm going to have Lidia do a vlog later today. She will rock your world. She's pretty awesome.

So until then... enjoy!

March 24, 2011

"All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me!"

The kiddos aren't totally independent, but they have their moments.
And boy when they have those moments,
it is glorioius...

I love that spring is here!
Outside = Heaven.
The kids love it.
Momma loves it.
The sickness is gonezo. {hopefully}
and life is good!
One thing I did forget to mention though...
Carly had an appointment with the ENT
and she is scheduled for tubes in April....
Here we go again!
Oh yeah and the doctor recognized me...
Is that sad?!

March 22, 2011

My new profession...

Lidia's hair is out.of.control.
Like totally.
I don't know if you've noticed it in any of her pictures,
(if you did and didn't say anything, thank you!)
but it's growing at a freakishly fast pace.
Her bangs in her eyes at all times,
and the rest of it?

She woke up Friday morning like this...
The picture doesn't do it justice...
but the back of her hair sticks straight out.
I know, I know!
Carly's hair is the same way,
 but she's a baby, and it's cute!
What can I say?
I have babies with crazy hair and I love it!
 I planned to get her hair cut on Friday sometime
 her dad wanted to be there for the "first haircut"
our hair stylist is currently not working at a salon
that meant Friday was a no go.

So she wore her hair like this the entire day...
Her hair looked cute pulled back,
but by the end of the day on Friday,
I took matters into my own hands!
(insert evil laugh here)
My Bff (and also hairstylist) may hate me, but during bathtime to be exact,
after p.j.'s were put on, and we were having a "slumber party" in our bed...
her bangs looked like this!
Well it will have to do for now!
It looks "normal" in the picture but trust me, it needs a professionals touch... and soon!
Oh yeah! Did you see Bella in our slumber party picture?
Amongst all my "Lidia hair woes",
I forgot to say that Bella joined the party for the weekend!

So the rest of our weekend was spent playing outside,
(don't mind the white stuff that looks like snow? Our dog chewed something up in the yard! Ghetto? Hmm maybe, but it's picked up now!)
helping in the yard,

lots of sisterly love...
and walking into Carly's room from a nap to this...
:::note to self:::
lower Carly's crib ASAP!

March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

From my little lucky leprechauns to yours!!!
 Have a great (and safe) day!!!
(Grumpy leprechaun!)
 (Tired leprechaun!)

March 16, 2011

The incident that turned my face a few shades of red...

Soooo...I went to my normal place to get my eyebrows waxed yesterday. I walk in, the girl told me it would be a minute, so I sat down and enjoyed a few minutes of my addiction... US WEEKLY. I hear a different girl, (Let's call her creepy) Anyway, I hear "creepy" say, "Hey!" I look up because I was the only other person in the salon, and "creepy" is looking at me.

I said, "Hi." (Looking confused I'm sure, because I have no idea who this chica is.)
She goes, "Hey! I remember you from Uncle Bucks (a local country dance bar) a few months ago!"
I said, "Oh sorry I don't think that was me! I don't get out much and when I do, I don't go to Uncle Bucks..."
She goes, "Yes! Yes! It was you... I remember now, it was in October!"

At this point, I see where this conversation is headed and I start hanging my head in shame... instant red face.
She goes, "You had a white dress on. It must have been your bachelorette party!"
I go, "Oh jeeeeez... yep. That was moi! I don't even want to know why/how you remember me..."
And I seriously left it at that.
I didn't want to know how "creepy" recognized me from 5 months ago. There are plenty of bachelorette parties around town... why me?!

It could have been that I looked so ridiculously good looking in my white, hot, short dress... hehe
my ridiculously good looking friends in their hot black dresses...
my sweet dance moves with 70 year old Cowboy Bob that never misses a Saturday Night at the bar
my stint on the mechanical bull (remember I had a short white dress on... whoops!)
the fact that it was probably 8pm and 15 ladies were dancing by themselves on the dance floor (again I don't want to know the details)

Either way, its still weird that she recognized me. But quite hilarious to say the least!

On a better, (more family friendly note) this is how I've left my baby the past two mornings for work...
Still sleeping! Bittersweet because I can get ready in semi-peace, but I miss her so much more during the day because I don't get to see her smile in the morning! And don't judge the tummy sleeper. I lay her down on her back, but this is how she ends up throughout the night. Because that's how she rolls... get it?! hehe


I don't have a sleeping pic of Lidia because if she smells even an ounce of my aroma walk into her room, she will shoot up in bed like a Jack in the Box saying, "Hi Momma Hi!" Oh I just love her...