March 10, 2011

Dear C,

Carly, Sis, Cbiz, Carl, Carlyboo, Beauty Queen... (to name a few)

I've never written you a letter on this good ol' blog or in general actually.
So my love, I do apologize because you deserve one.
Not that you will remember this letter, or even see it,
but it does make me feel better knowing that if by chance that crazy "psychic" lady is right,
and you don't grow up knowing your mommy, that you will always know how much I love you.
(Shut up Matt you can stop rolling your eyes now... Mom, you too!)
Dear Carly,
You are 7 months old and actually in less than two weeks you will be 8 months old. I can't begin to talk about how much you mean to your Daddy and I. I've talked about how sweet you are, and that's definitely true, but believe me you've had your fair share of hard days. Why is it that you are so uncontrollably wiggly? This has made for some hard bedtimes and even harder cuddle times. You LOVE to fall asleep on your own. Sometimes you don't know it because you cry in your bed for awhile until you fall asleep (GASP! yes, I'm that mom) but wait, I only do it because you cry and squirm and all sorts of nastiness if I try to rock you to sleep. Last night while watching American Idol (Go Paul!), I was giving you a bottle and you fell asleep for the first time in months in my arms. I loved every second of it and just kissed your face for the longest time and you smiled in your sleep. You love to flash that beautiful smile and laugh. Oh your uncontrollable laugh is what I live for. And it comes out of nowhere. The other night, Lidi, you, and I were in Lidia's room getting pj's on. Lidia climbed into her tent/ball house to hide from me and you sat there laughing hysterically at her! I stopped what I was doing and just watched the two of you. I love your relationship with your sister already. She hates to share with you, but you don't mind. She will steal a toy out of your hands and you will just smile at her. Don't let her boss you around though! She can be a mean little girl and you will definitely have to hold your own against her. But I have a feeling you and Daddy will gang up on Sis (tickle wars!) and everything will turn out alright. Speaking of Daddy, you two are best friends. He steals you away when he gets home late at night to play downstairs, or take a shower just to be alone with you. He also helps in the middle of the night when you wake up, and yes, you still wake up in the middle of the night. Let's work on that.

I love you, you make our lives better, and your hair still rocks.
Love Mommy
17 ish lbs. (75th percentile)
50th percentile for height (no clue the exact number though)
6-9  month clothing
4-6 ounces every 3ish hours
Solids 2-3 times a day and strictly veggies!
You hate fruits, but that's fine by me! Let's not start you on the sweet tooth your sister has already acquired!
You love puffs and baby mum mums
Rolling over both ways
(duh mom, been doing that forever!)
Sitting up
(again for a few months now)
Army crawling across the entire floor
(I give you a week to crawl for realzzz)
2 bottom teeth
Sleep from 7:30 or 8pm - 6-7am
(haha I wish that was straight through! Usually get up once to eat)
Currently hating:
ear infections, bronchitis, and when mom or dad leaves a room

and what would a post be without Ms. Lidia???
Just working hard at Papa's office...
Isn't the desk clean?!


That one girl said...

She is pretty much way adorable!

b. lee said...

sweet stuff! I traveled across country solo for a best gal's wedding last Fall ... never did anything like that since my 1st was born ... it was really hard * * I wrote all 3 girls individual letters & showed my sis & hubs where to find em' ... just in case * * I got an eye roll party too ;)

chubskulit said...


Found you through Thirsty Thursday bloghop.

You may follow me back at Spice Up Your Life, see you and have a nice weekend!

TexaGermaNadian said...

She is just the cutest! Sweet post :)
Stopped over from FTLOB!

Raven said...

sooo sweet! I swear, that is one reason I definitely have my blog, so I can show it to my kids when they are older. My almost one year old does the same thing with sleep...he LOVES to be put in his crib at night and just hangs out for a while, talking to himself, playing with his toy, etc. He wiggles like crazy if I try to rock him. My 3 year old? I HAD to rock him to sleep every single night. Crazy how very different siblings can be! Have a great weekend!