March 08, 2011

I got the magic stick!

(The title has zero to do with my post, but I can't get the song out of my head! I may or may not have danced to it all morning)

Friday we went to Kidsfest.
Dora + Veggietales + inflatable slides + train rides?
Plus it was at the fairgrounds...
(duh. my favorite time of the year is fair time)
so I figured it had to be aaaamazing.
But it wasn't all that.
Lidia hated the inflatable bouncy thingamabob and was too small to go down the inflatable slide...
Pretty much it wasn't the place for a toddler,
or a crawling 7 month old,
but it gave us something to do on a Friday night and that's what counts, right?
Plus, we got to ride on a train,
get dolled up like a kitty via face paint,
and get a permanent washable tattoo in the form on #1 mom on it.
(Someday it will be permanent I'm sure... I'm just that awesome of a mama!)
oh yes
and lots and lots of candy
so it actually turned out to be alright!
We spent the whole day moving a friend.
I know, I know...
Doesn't sound that fun, right?
It rocked.
My best friend and MOH was moving,
 so all of my besties and our hubby's were there.
Oh did I mention that we were all kid free?!
That was probably the best part.
And the laughs...
oh the laughs!
And since we were without kids,
we had to act like some...
It was a freakishly awesome day.

Then on Sunday I had a date!
Dark hair, blue eyes, great smile...

Perkins breakfast and the store?
She was the perfect date.
Plus, we napped afterwards.
It was a great weekend...

Now if you'd excuse me,
I'm going to go cough myself into my grave...
Oh the joys of children and their germs!


Adrienne said...

love the face paint. last easter my son got whiskers but he would NOT let them put the pink nose on for the bunny face... and his face paint washed off but mine kinda stained my i looked like i painted my face and he didn't. ugh.

Aimee Tyrrell said...

I'm your newest follower from the Thirsty Thursday hop!! I'd love it if you followed me back - I'm just starting out!!