March 03, 2011

I want a re-do of February!

This picture is Lidia to a T this past month. Replace the teddy with her babydoll/3 mamee's (blankies) and put the thermometer in her rear and it'd be identical... piggytails and all!
And this would represent my teething, thrush, ear infections up the you know what, seperation anxiety baby formerly known as Carly the sweetheart. (Not to be mistaken by Sammi the sweetheart on Jersey Shore... my baby definitely may have the 'tude right now though!)

Our month has been brutal...

Surgery (Tubes and Adenoids)
Ear Infections
High fevers reaching over 105
Viral Pneumoia
White Blood Cell Count reaching 22 (normal is 5)
zero sleep
fussy kiddos
stressed/irritable parents
lots of cuddles
Barney galore (urgh!)

I thought things were looking up and then yesterday happened. Oh Miss Lidia, you can catch a break for anything can you? Somehow she caught a cold which resulted in...
an extremely runny nose
terrible cough (kept everyone up last night)
oh yeah that cough I mentioned?
Also resulted in vomitting...
several times...
another fever
Bella was here this weekend and apparently now has RSV and the flu...

So I'm ready for a vacayyyy...
I wish.

But enough about depressing crap... let's talk about "Winning!"
(hahaha oh Charlie Sheen you kill me)
Let's see... positive thinking... hmmm...
  • Carly pulled herself up this morning on the bathroom cabinet door! So proud of her!
  • I finally got my hair done! The last time my hair was touched may or may not have been right before our wedding... in October... whoops...
  • My roommate in college had her baby 2 days ago! I got to meet him and he's perfect.
  • Lidia is now talking in sentences. ("I want milk" etc.)
  • If Lidia is feeling better, this weekend we are taking the girls to Kidsfest! Train rides, tattoos, and Dora??? Sign us up!
  • and St. Pattys Day is coming up! My favorite "holiday" that I am most definitely celebrating this year!
Here's to an Amazing March?
I hope so!


Kati McDonald said...

love your posts, sweet thing.

Heavenly Savings said...

Cute Blog! I’m a new follower Happy Thursday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

Megan said...

Awww, your poor poor February. I hope that March is better for ALL of y'all!!

Erin Wallace said...

Wow! What a brutal month for all of you!

I am your newest follower via Thirsty Thursday. I would love a follow back at Dropped Stitches. Thanks bunches!

Megan said...

What a horrible Feb. Hang in there, March will be much better, I feel it for ya! I love St. Patti's Day too :)

TriGirl said...

Stopping by from FTLOB. What a month! March *has* to be better for you all. Without a doubt! Anyway, at least if you had to have a horrible month you lucked out on it being the shortest one :D

Suzanne M said...

Hopping over from FTLOB.
Your week sounds like our entire winter last year (winter 2009-10). Ugh! Ours was eye surgery, breathing treaments, and ear infections. It was yucky and I hope your girls get out of it all soon.
By the way, they are so adorable!

Finger Click Saver said...

Hello, new follower from Say Hi Sunday hop...have a great week! Sue