March 16, 2011

The incident that turned my face a few shades of red...

Soooo...I went to my normal place to get my eyebrows waxed yesterday. I walk in, the girl told me it would be a minute, so I sat down and enjoyed a few minutes of my addiction... US WEEKLY. I hear a different girl, (Let's call her creepy) Anyway, I hear "creepy" say, "Hey!" I look up because I was the only other person in the salon, and "creepy" is looking at me.

I said, "Hi." (Looking confused I'm sure, because I have no idea who this chica is.)
She goes, "Hey! I remember you from Uncle Bucks (a local country dance bar) a few months ago!"
I said, "Oh sorry I don't think that was me! I don't get out much and when I do, I don't go to Uncle Bucks..."
She goes, "Yes! Yes! It was you... I remember now, it was in October!"

At this point, I see where this conversation is headed and I start hanging my head in shame... instant red face.
She goes, "You had a white dress on. It must have been your bachelorette party!"
I go, "Oh jeeeeez... yep. That was moi! I don't even want to know why/how you remember me..."
And I seriously left it at that.
I didn't want to know how "creepy" recognized me from 5 months ago. There are plenty of bachelorette parties around town... why me?!

It could have been that I looked so ridiculously good looking in my white, hot, short dress... hehe
my ridiculously good looking friends in their hot black dresses...
my sweet dance moves with 70 year old Cowboy Bob that never misses a Saturday Night at the bar
my stint on the mechanical bull (remember I had a short white dress on... whoops!)
the fact that it was probably 8pm and 15 ladies were dancing by themselves on the dance floor (again I don't want to know the details)

Either way, its still weird that she recognized me. But quite hilarious to say the least!

On a better, (more family friendly note) this is how I've left my baby the past two mornings for work...
Still sleeping! Bittersweet because I can get ready in semi-peace, but I miss her so much more during the day because I don't get to see her smile in the morning! And don't judge the tummy sleeper. I lay her down on her back, but this is how she ends up throughout the night. Because that's how she rolls... get it?! hehe


I don't have a sleeping pic of Lidia because if she smells even an ounce of my aroma walk into her room, she will shoot up in bed like a Jack in the Box saying, "Hi Momma Hi!" Oh I just love her...


Megan said...

Lol, creepy must have been staring you down at the bar that night lol! I love this picture, she is so sweet :)

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Haha, she either is really good with remembering faces or just yours, oooh-la-la:-) Creepy! xoxo

Adrienne said...

aren't they sweet when they sleep?

Design It Chic said...

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Megan said...

Oh gosh, how embarrassing!! Haha!! At least you made an impression!!