March 22, 2011

My new profession...

Lidia's hair is out.of.control.
Like totally.
I don't know if you've noticed it in any of her pictures,
(if you did and didn't say anything, thank you!)
but it's growing at a freakishly fast pace.
Her bangs in her eyes at all times,
and the rest of it?

She woke up Friday morning like this...
The picture doesn't do it justice...
but the back of her hair sticks straight out.
I know, I know!
Carly's hair is the same way,
 but she's a baby, and it's cute!
What can I say?
I have babies with crazy hair and I love it!
 I planned to get her hair cut on Friday sometime
 her dad wanted to be there for the "first haircut"
our hair stylist is currently not working at a salon
that meant Friday was a no go.

So she wore her hair like this the entire day...
Her hair looked cute pulled back,
but by the end of the day on Friday,
I took matters into my own hands!
(insert evil laugh here)
My Bff (and also hairstylist) may hate me, but during bathtime to be exact,
after p.j.'s were put on, and we were having a "slumber party" in our bed...
her bangs looked like this!
Well it will have to do for now!
It looks "normal" in the picture but trust me, it needs a professionals touch... and soon!
Oh yeah! Did you see Bella in our slumber party picture?
Amongst all my "Lidia hair woes",
I forgot to say that Bella joined the party for the weekend!

So the rest of our weekend was spent playing outside,
(don't mind the white stuff that looks like snow? Our dog chewed something up in the yard! Ghetto? Hmm maybe, but it's picked up now!)
helping in the yard,

lots of sisterly love...
and walking into Carly's room from a nap to this...
:::note to self:::
lower Carly's crib ASAP!


Raven said...

I love crazy hair on babies!! My three year old boy used to have longer hair, and I would always put it in a ponytail or pigtails, because I thought it was so cute. My husband however, did NOT think it was so cute, so we cut it. well now I have a one year old with long dark hair so now I can have that to put in a ponytail. Take that hubby ha!!

but your daughters hair, messy as it is, is adorable :)

Megan said...

I think babies with crazy hair are adorable!!

Carol said...

I WISH my kids could grow hair! Their hair grows freakishly fact I just trimmed the back of Chloe's mullet for the first time two weeks ago - She's TWO! I seriously dream of pig tails and hair clips for her.

It does kinda look like Carly could tumble right over that railing! Get on it girl!

Annie said...

I love crazy hair too!! Blake's is WAY crazy....I have such a hard time bringing myslef to get it cut....BUT, I think its is totally OOC!!