March 29, 2011

Our Weekend + My BFF

Our weekend started on Thursday.
The girls' babysitter was out of town, so I got to stay home on Thursday,
(I don't work Fridays or Mondays)
sooo it was a lonnng weekend for us!
 Wednesday night we hung out late at Mamaw and Mampaw's house watching American Idol,
and Lidia helped Aunt Chloe do her homework!
Then Thursday morning I had some errands to run, so we went to the mall and played at the play place!

Now that I'm starting to recall our weekend, the days are running together!
I'm starting to forget when we did what...Whoops...
Anyway, I'm pretty sure Thursday night we did nothing.
Oh yeah, we watched more American Idol and Jersey Shore and took pictures of nakey butts!
Then Friday morning I woke up to the best news ever!!
My BFF and her boyfriend got engaged!
He took her on a romantic weekend getaway to Arizona and proposed!
Of course I knew about it,
(durrr I helped pick out the ring)
but it was still very exciting!!
And I'm MOH...


Here she is in all her glory at my wedding...
on the party bus...
gettin' her groove on at the reception...
 walking down the aisle with Matt's brother...
And of course giving her speech!
I can't wait to be apart of her day and helping her plan is already so much fun!!

Lacie and her now fiance started dating at our wedding,
Became "boyfriend/girlfriend" a week later, and will be getting married exactly one year from that date! Adorable!

Anyway, back to our weekend. It was very low-key.
Bella was here again so that is always fun!
On Saturday night we babysat my friends son, so that meant we had four kids in our house...
It was exhausting...
Collin, Carly, and Bella. Lidia was running around somewhere!

Then Sunday and Monday were some more lazy days.
But somehow we did manage to squeeze in buying a new dryer, hiring a cleaning lady, and buying Dora pj's!
Ok, so we are officially lame.
Our weekends are so boring.
I'm surprised I have any friends :)
So I will just leave you with some cute pictures!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Mrs. D said...

LOVE all of the pictures! Especially the naked bum pic! HAHA!!

I cannot even believe how big your girls have gotten! UNREAL.

Meant to be a mom said...

Congrats to your bf and to you for being the moh. How fun!!!

I love all the pics of your girls and the lazy days :) The bath pic is precious. :)

Annie said...

How exciting for your bestie...and for you :) I love weddings!!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! II got it off Etsy at: I love the cover & it is made very good but it took forever for the girl to do it. I ordered it before Christmas & it just got here a couple weeks ago. She said the first one got lost & she had to ship it again but who knows. I wasn't too thrilled with the that but I really like it now that I have it. You may want read the feedback section first (I wish I did beforehand) bc apparently a lot of her items get "lost" in the mail. But in the end it was worth the wait!

I love that naked booty pic! So cute! And congratulations to your BFF!

The Fickle Nickle said...

Beautiful family!!! I'm visiting from the blog hop... I'm your newest follower, and I look forward to your future posts:)


PS- I would love for you to stop by my blog

Carol said...

Out of all of that busy-ness, the thing that really struck me...YOU GOT A MAID! I die of jealousy.

Kati McDonald said...

YAY!!! Congrats Lacie :)