March 28, 2011

We be Vloggin!

I thought I'd join the bandwagon on the vlogging but I almost didn't post this because...
1. I just got out of the shower and look terrible.
(note to self: dont vlog on lazy Mondays when you dont get ready for the day and showing yourself to the internet)
2. My voice sounds weird!
(Is it just me or is it kind of awkward to talk to a camera?!)
3. It was short and really no point or story to it

But. Carly looked adorable as always and it was still kinda fun. So I think I'm going to have Lidia do a vlog later today. She will rock your world. She's pretty awesome.

So until then... enjoy!


mommaof3 said...

I do vlogs too im having an hard tyme talking to the cam too. but they say you will get use to it more you do it. nice vlog:)

Raven said...

haha I love it! I'm with you, I think everyone thinks they look/sound weird when they hear themselves, and I love the comment about talking to a camera, lol! But it's cute! And your girl is beyond adorable!