March 15, 2011


Why does Carly feel it's neccessary to act like her sister and "hide" under the table? Getting stuck in a chair along the way! :)
Why is my oldest already playing with boys at the mall play place? And why is Carly right behind her?!?!
Why are these two all of a sudden the best of friends?! (Not that I mind... I LOVE IT!) Seriously... over the weekend they became joined at the hip! Carly "crawls" everywhere Lidia does! Lidia's hand on Carly's back helping her out? :::proud mommy moment!:::
Why does she get cuter each day?!
Does Lidia say "Hi momma Hi!" about 100 times an hour?!
Why did I have to jinx myself and write a FB post about Lidia talking nonstop and how Carly doesn't?? Because literally 3 hours later my "silent" baby starting saying, "Dada!" in her highchair while eating puffs!!!
Why am I the luckiest girl in the world???


Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ok silly that double stroller the kolcraft contour? that's the one i bought and can't tell if i like it or not. the carrier doesn't clip into the back and scares the life out of me...or maybe it is supposed to and i'm too dumb to figure out how.

Meant to be a mom said...

They are just too cute, I love all the climbing around. It makes me feel better about my son, He's always climbing and going in and out of our bar stools and it scares me how crazy he can be.

Also I read the comment above from Laura, We looked at the Kohl-craft. I didn't end up registering for it though. We ended up registering for the Schwinn double jogger stroller. I hope its good? I have no idea?

Raven said...

Oh man they are SO cute! and my one year old does the EXACT same thing with our bar stools. He tries to crawl through them and gets stuck every time. Will they ever learn??

Adrienne said...

sometimes I love when the younger are copying their older sibling (eating all their food, sitting quietly, leaving when told, doing what they are told in general) and sometimes I hate it (being sassy, talking back, not listening, etc) but for better or worse, it seems like the younger siblings always want to be like, with, involved in whatever the older sibling is doing... :)

Megan said...

What a beautiful post! They are both so cute! I love your new blog design!