April 29, 2011

My first Guest Blogger! ~Megan

I'm doing my first ever guest post today and I couldn't be more excited!

The lovely, gorgeous, and sweetest girl ever, (seriously she's so sweet) Megan, is guest blogging for me today! If you don't know her, go check her out! She's a newlywed (got married the same month as me!), her hubby is easy on the eyes if you know what I'm saying hehe, (sorry babe! oh and sorry Megan!) and she has the best posts. They are always different, entertaining, and I love getting my daily dose! Ok enough gushing over her... you might begin to think I'm developing some sort of girl crush! Or am I?!?!

So, I gave her free reign on the topic of her choice and she came up with the cutest thing! I've added a few "Yep, I totally agree's!" in her post and you'll see my comments colored in purple (and maybe a few cutesy pics too!) Anyyyyyyyyyyway, here we go!

Hi there y'all! My name is Megan and I blog over at Mackey Madness!

I am SO excited to be guest posting for Britt today! Her blog always makes me laugh and I love reading her daily life stories...I feel like it's helping prepare me for kids one day. One day far off. : ) I was racking my brain about what to blog about today and I'm pretty excited about what I came up with. I am going to be talking about ways that I think that dogs and kids are alike. It is more interesting than it sounds, promise! Puppies are like a precursor to babies!

Both dogs and kids:
1) come into the world in SUPER cute form. 

I mean seriously, how cute are these pups??

Lidia's first week in the world in July, 2009!

Carly; one week old in July, 2010!

2) occasionally enjoy a little snuggle time with their parents.

Megan was right on with the OCCASIONALLY part of cuddling.

3) love to have friends over to visit and play.

(That's a gentle bite...promise) : )

4) constantly follow you around and need entertainment.
"What do we do now, mom?"

"Pay attention to me, dad."
I couldn't agree more!
5) always want to go outside.  


6) manage to always get REALLY dirty. 

and then have to take baths!
oh excuse me...
is that their booty's showing???

7) are sometimes best friends and sometimes enemies with their siblings.

Snuggle besties.

At each other's throats. omgoodness this pic is AWESOME, Megan!!

Most of the time my girls are BFF's...

 But sometimes this happens...

8) sleep really hard (and cute) after a "rough" day. 

My all-time fav sleeping pic...
ok, I went a lil over board :)

So there y'all have it, my take on the similarities between dogs and kids. Of course, I'm not a mom yet, so I could be WAY off. : ) I'd love to hear what y'all think...all the moms out there: am I right? am I way off?? I just know that I can't wait to have our own little babies and I hope that I'll be as great of a mom as Britt!

Thanks for having me, Britt!! : )

Ok, so was she cute or what?? I loved her idea and I loved how we got to work together on this fabulous post!! Look out for next weeks guest post... it will be just as great! And if you want to be a guest blogger, shoot me an email! I'd love to have more :)

Have a good weekend everyone!
As Megan says, "Love love!"
... I had to throw that in there for you girly!

April 28, 2011

Man! I feel like a woman!

A brand-new woman that is...

Saturday night: 5 hrs of sleep
Sunday night: 5 or 6 hrs of sleep (hubs let me sleep in Monday morning!)
Monday night: 3 or 4 hrs of sleep
Tuesday night: 3 or less hrs of sleep (yes, that was after my UGLY post... she slept even worse)
Wednesday night: 8 hrs of sleep! (or more)
And I'm pretty sure Lidia slept just as well! But she slept on the couch... grr... and you know what?? I dont even want to talk about it or complain about where she sleeps right now! I'm going be happy in the fact that we are getting out of this dark hole of sleepleessness. ::hopefully::

What else is new? Hmm...
~Lidia has a black eye from falling into a chair. (I swear I didn't beat her from the non-sleeping situation... I swear! Give me a lie detecter test! hehe)
~We have family coming in town this weekend... the girls' GREAT-grandmother! That's crazy to me.
~I am an amazing sister and offered my house up to have Chloe's 13th birthday party at my house next weekend... oh and it's a sleepover... am I crazy? The answer is YES.
~2 weeks from today I'll be seeing Bon Jovi.
~Carly is getting too big. Crawling, pulling herself up on things, talking, the works. And she's too cute. And too sweet. And an amazing sleeper!
anddddddd...~I have my first guest blogger tomorrow! Yay!

April 26, 2011

The good, the bad... no the UGLY!

I'd like to think that I'm not a big complainer. My husband may think differently as of lately,
but hey, life is like a box of chocolates.
Wait? No.
Well kinda...
You never know what you're gonna get, true.
But I wouldn't compare my crazy, non-sleeping life to a box of heavenly chocolates!
No sir.
Let's just say life is like.. pure insanity?
Sure. Insanity describes last night quite well.
I mainly want to document the following story for myself to look back and die from laughter,
and so you guys can laugh from my misfortunes as well.
Either way, here's another episode of a bad night.
No good came from last night.
Just pure ugliness.
In the form of Lidia. and her sleep habits
Except she's not ugly...

So if you know Lidia, you know she has not been a healthy baby since birth.
Ear infections, two tube surgeries, sick at least once or twice a month with random and multiple sicknesses,
and the latest?
 104-105 fevers that last for days.
I take her to the doctor and it's "an infection of some sort" but no clear answers.
So all this sickness has caused her to be a terrible sleeper.
When she was younger, she would get up several times a night, etc.
She refuses to sleep in her own bed, hates to sleep in general, yougetthepicture.
Maybe some of this is my fault because when she's sick, which is often, I let her sleep with us.
I mean who wants their baby that is burning up, sick, crying, waking up, etc sleeping all alone, right?
Don't fall into that trap because you end up with a story like mine....

My dear terrorist little Lidia.
As you read about my weekend, she hasn't slept well for days, and neither have we obviously.
We decided it was time for a big girl bed since she only wants to sleep in our bed.
Well, the first night (Sunday) didn't go well. She ended up in bed with me and hubby on the couch.
and we were up all night of course.
So yesterday, I laid her down for a nap in the afternoon and she slept from 1pm-6pm!
Yes, I wasn't going to wake that non-sleeping princess up for anything!
But it backfired.
Bedtime rolled around and she wanted nothing to do with it.
"Hi momma! Milk! Dora! Papa! Sissy night night! Lush you! Bailey go?"
She said every word in her vocabulary (which is about 24908230948 words) just to keep herself from going to bed.
Around 11pm, my blood was boiling.
We went into her bed and I was going to lay with her until she fell asleep to get her used to the "big bed"
Well we both fell asleep somewhere between 11-12am.
(already too late for moi)
and I woke up to the exorcist around 2am.
only 2 hrs later.
She was like the Redrum kid from The Shining.
Seriously her voice was scary.
Scratchy but high pitched, tears streaming down her face, body flailing all over the bed, and her head was spinning. Ok her head wasn't spinning, but it might as well been...

I was at that point.
and moms, you know what point that is. It wasn't pretty.
So I got Matt.
She continued to scream,  he tried to calm her down, the works. Nothing worked.
So I go back in there and he leaves.
"No mama! Papa! papa papa papa!"
oh jeeeeeez. ya kididng me child? make up your mind!
But I made up her mind for her and refused to let her win like Charlie Sheen.
We got settled back down (it took awhile, but for lengthy purposes well cut it short) and I thought I got her to sleep until...

a soft little hand started rubbing my back, then my face, and then grabbed my hand oh so gently.
I must have dozed off slightly because I thought for a second it was my husband being sweet on me.
It was the devil in angel form named Lidia.
"Hi momma! Play? Baby! Lush you!"
and gave me kisses, and rubbed my face, and so on and so on.
By this point,
It's 5AM!
I was fuming.
Why was she still awake????? I have to get up in less than 2 hours!!!!!!!
I stormed out of that room and plopped my booty on the couch and didn't hear a peep out of her after that.
I have no clue when she fell asleep, but I know I didn't fall asleep until about 6:00.
Then Carly was up at 6:30 for a bottle but was an angel and fell back asleep.
This resulted in about 3ish hours of sleep for me, with a full 8 hours of work ahead of me.
The kicker?
That precious angel sent from heaven above just for me, Lidia...
was up before 8am.

I told the babysitter to keep her nap short today and I will deal with the crabbiness because she WILL get back on a sleep schedule!
 Momma needs her some sleep!
(and so does Papa!)

April 25, 2011

Our good and bad Easter weekend!

Oh Easter weekend you came and passed with good and bad.

I got a lot of pictures.
The Easter egg hunt was a success!
well kinda...
I mean, it was us and another family...
in our front yard.
But it was fun regardless!
 We ate lots of candy....
 ...and spent lots of time together as a family!
The bad:
We didn't go to church!
I know.
Tisk Tisk.
But I blame Lidia.
(I can do that, I'm her mom!)
Lidia decided to not sleep in her own room this weekend
and have a dance party in our bed from 4am-7am.
So that meant she slept until 10am on Sunday morning.
But remember,
I have a 9 month old that got up as soon as Lidia went down.
So we went to Grandmas for brunch
more easter baskets, another easter egg hunt,
and more candy.

Another bad?
Lots of it.
I must have "forgot" about my diet this weekend :)
Another bad...
See this freakishly adorable face?
I mean, how could you be mad at her, right???
This princess, love of my life, blue eyed beauty...
decided to be grumpy all weekend.
Like woah grumpy.
Teething probably
but anyway.
Saturday I decided to take a bath with her to make her happy.
fail numero uno?
She likes to splash, wiggle, climb, and touch her momma if you get what I'm saying.
fail numero dos?
I know.
Maybe it was my fault.
Stupid emails, facebook, and texting of the bffs.
But again, I'm her mom and I blame her because I can do no wrong, amen?
So I've been without a phone since Saturday.

Until today,
I got this glorious loaner phone that rocks my world.
10 dolla make you holla type of phone.
But at least I'm in the social network again!
But this was only after 2 hours of going to the mall,
dealing with AT&T giving me the run around,
an almost 2-year old screaming "play! pretzel! momma!"
a 9 month old throwing every toy out of the stroller,
and about 8 tantrums.
I love my life with 2 under 2.
No really, I do.
Gives me patience or lack therof.
Either way,
they are my world.
Plus, who else could pull off stunna shades like these two???
Hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend!
Good, Bad, and everything between!