April 12, 2011

A few things I've learned... (Semi-Serious)

I've learned that sleeping routines, methods, etc. do work. Even the dreaded cryitout method. It works.
I've also learned that there will always be something that makes a child not sleep.
(sick, teething, nightmares, you name it)
Sleep also depends on the child.
For instance, my 22 month old (as of yesterday!) goes through stages of sleeping 13+ hours straight
she will go through stages of not sleeping AT ALL... like right now. And I'm pretty sure it's nightmares.
But at least I have a little 8 month old that pretty much has her routine down to a T. ::knocksonwood:::
She will even try and sleep on a walk in her wagon...See...
Another thing I've learned, is that mothers always seem to be judging themselves, judging other mothers, wishing their kid slept through the night, or didn't throw tantrums in the middle of the grocery store, etc.
Sooo common. And I'm soooo guilty of it.

"She breastfed for a whole year?? I only breastfed for the first few months."
"Her 3 month old sleeps a whole 12 hours at night? My 22 month old still comes into our bed at 3am"
"She's a stay-at home mom? I work 3 days a week."
The list goes on...But see?
These two are happy, healthy, get to go to the park, and spend mucho time with their momma and papa.
Isn't that what matters?
Speaking of judging yourself and tantrums...
I've also learned to pick my battles.
Another infamous controversy.
I know, I know.
I'm the mom. I make the rules.
And I do.
But if giving into buying my toddler an "A Bella!" at the grocery store will put a smile on her face and keep her occupied...
 I think it's a fair battle that she won.

 I've learned that a sister's love is undeniable, unspeakable, untouchable.
But I've also learned that sister's are usually the complete opposite!
 (Lidia playing in the rain!)
 (Carly freaking out over the sound of the rain, inside where it's warm!)

I've also learned that a bond with an amazing group of friends is so needed in life.
And remember when I told you we were shopping for my BFF's wedding dress this weekend?!
She found it and she found our bridesmaid dresses!
Tell me these aren't the cutest things EVER?!

I've also learned (cue seriousness) that there are so many things that can make or break a marriage.
2 kids in 2 years?
Wowza... I was a wreck. And I didn't know it.
What I've learned?
Let him help with the babes when he offers or ask for help. Every woman wants a good dad in their husband right? Well if he's offering, he's showing what you want and it makes you a strong woman to accept the help.
Matt opened up an insurance agency a little over a year ago.
What does that mean?
He's commission. Started a business from scratch. Business expenses. Working late hours, Etc.
What I've learned:
Communicate, don't get angry, random expenses come up (like a broken dryer)
oh yeah, and wedding expenses dont help your money situation!
But he's a hard worker. Like the hardest worker I know.
he looks sexy while skyping with us in his suit,
I need to tell him that more often
Yep I said it.
Children can hurt marriages, if you let them.
Here me out.
You are tired. Focused on loving them, providing for them, etc.
When it comes down to spending time with just your honey after work, or after bedtime, you are worn out.
What I've learned:
Talk, reconnect, date nights help, get off your phone, and spend time together without the babes.

and the obvious...
'nuff said.
Anyway, I'm no expert on marriage, or relationships. In fact, I've never been good at them.
But in the short amount of time that hubby and I have been together, we've been through ALOT. ALOT.
And we've become stronger because of these things. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
(Unless our life was filled with sunshines and rainbows and vacations and coach purses galore...)


Kati McDonald said...

LOVE those bridesmaid dresses :)

Meant to be a mom said...

Great post and so relate-able to all of us moms out there.
It sounds like your doing great as a mom. You know what's going on and understand things well.
That's the first step to making life with kids happy and normal, well as normal as it can be :)
I'll probably be messaging you for some two kid advice after our little number 2 arrives here in a couple months.

Raven said...

I SO love that dress! Seriously, that's a bridesmaid dress? Heavenly! I would wear that to dinner on date night!

Megan said...

Love this post. So honest and so true!!