April 08, 2011

Lidia first vlog!

As promised, here's Lidia's vlog!
Short and sweet.
But if you want to see a HILARIOUS vlog... head over to my friend Raven's blog.
She's hilarious. (Sorry girl, but you totally deserved a shout-out for that one!)
Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!
Date night tonight with the hubby, so excited!!!


Raven said...

haha so surprised to see a shout-out to me! And THANK YOU so much for liking it! It's always a bit...nerve wracking doing a vlog, will people like me? I mean, will they really really like me? Cause you know, life is ALL about being popular. It's the important things :) and Lidia has SUCH a sweet little voice! adorable! Now I may have to do one with my 3 year old, hmm...

have a great date night!!!

Megan said...

So so cute!!

Megan said...

PS: I hope y'all had a great date night!!