April 28, 2011

Man! I feel like a woman!

A brand-new woman that is...

Saturday night: 5 hrs of sleep
Sunday night: 5 or 6 hrs of sleep (hubs let me sleep in Monday morning!)
Monday night: 3 or 4 hrs of sleep
Tuesday night: 3 or less hrs of sleep (yes, that was after my UGLY post... she slept even worse)
Wednesday night: 8 hrs of sleep! (or more)
And I'm pretty sure Lidia slept just as well! But she slept on the couch... grr... and you know what?? I dont even want to talk about it or complain about where she sleeps right now! I'm going be happy in the fact that we are getting out of this dark hole of sleepleessness. ::hopefully::

What else is new? Hmm...
~Lidia has a black eye from falling into a chair. (I swear I didn't beat her from the non-sleeping situation... I swear! Give me a lie detecter test! hehe)
~We have family coming in town this weekend... the girls' GREAT-grandmother! That's crazy to me.
~I am an amazing sister and offered my house up to have Chloe's 13th birthday party at my house next weekend... oh and it's a sleepover... am I crazy? The answer is YES.
~2 weeks from today I'll be seeing Bon Jovi.
~Carly is getting too big. Crawling, pulling herself up on things, talking, the works. And she's too cute. And too sweet. And an amazing sleeper!
anddddddd...~I have my first guest blogger tomorrow! Yay!


Megan said...

YAY for guest blogger! ; ) WOOHOO to getting some more sleep!! Sure you didn't beat her up. Sure. Haha.

Raven said...

oh girly, the sleep thing would drain me. I would be dead and then you could never come read my blog and I could never come read yours. I NEED like 10 hours of sleep a night. Would you totally hate me forever if I said that my kids both sleep 11.5 hours without a peep during the night?

ok I shouldnt have told you that. Now I feel like a silly bragger :(

and you will be seeing bon jovi? Um, exsqueeze me? He is my husband.

Raven said...

oh and I had to come back to tell you that I just read on people.com that Richie Sambora left the tour to go back to rehab. Now whats gonna happen? You cant have a concert with half the performers missing!

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

You are too cute! I am so happy you got 8 hours of sleep, isn't it insane how good you feel not being a zombie! haha!! Poor babes fell from the chair, Luke sported a fat lip from that also a few months ago! haha Gotta love wiggly babies!! Hope you had a good weekend!