April 25, 2011

Our good and bad Easter weekend!

Oh Easter weekend you came and passed with good and bad.

I got a lot of pictures.
The Easter egg hunt was a success!
well kinda...
I mean, it was us and another family...
in our front yard.
But it was fun regardless!
 We ate lots of candy....
 ...and spent lots of time together as a family!
The bad:
We didn't go to church!
I know.
Tisk Tisk.
But I blame Lidia.
(I can do that, I'm her mom!)
Lidia decided to not sleep in her own room this weekend
and have a dance party in our bed from 4am-7am.
So that meant she slept until 10am on Sunday morning.
But remember,
I have a 9 month old that got up as soon as Lidia went down.
So we went to Grandmas for brunch
more easter baskets, another easter egg hunt,
and more candy.

Another bad?
Lots of it.
I must have "forgot" about my diet this weekend :)
Another bad...
See this freakishly adorable face?
I mean, how could you be mad at her, right???
This princess, love of my life, blue eyed beauty...
decided to be grumpy all weekend.
Like woah grumpy.
Teething probably
but anyway.
Saturday I decided to take a bath with her to make her happy.
fail numero uno?
She likes to splash, wiggle, climb, and touch her momma if you get what I'm saying.
fail numero dos?
I know.
Maybe it was my fault.
Stupid emails, facebook, and texting of the bffs.
But again, I'm her mom and I blame her because I can do no wrong, amen?
So I've been without a phone since Saturday.

Until today,
I got this glorious loaner phone that rocks my world.
10 dolla make you holla type of phone.
But at least I'm in the social network again!
But this was only after 2 hours of going to the mall,
dealing with AT&T giving me the run around,
an almost 2-year old screaming "play! pretzel! momma!"
a 9 month old throwing every toy out of the stroller,
and about 8 tantrums.
I love my life with 2 under 2.
No really, I do.
Gives me patience or lack therof.
Either way,
they are my world.
Plus, who else could pull off stunna shades like these two???
Hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend!
Good, Bad, and everything between!


Joeylee said...

the girls are adorable!

Megan said...

OMG, this was hilarious. Errr, ummm I mean I will not laugh at this only laugh with you :) Sorry to hear about the bad. But at least the good looks darn cute. That means all of you :) Love the family pics

Megan said...

Hahahaha...sounds like one crazy weekend!! I can't imagine have 2 under 2!! You do it with such fun though!

Raven said...

WHAAAAT?? NO CHURCH ON EASTER SUNDAY?? Ohmygosh not sure I can be your friend anymore. I mean, the nerve of you.

ok I forgive. Little kids? Yeah, they put a wrench in almost every single plan known to man.

and THIS WAS TOO FUNNY!! People often ask me how I can write something that is so funny, and I always tell them, just wait til you have kids. You will have SO much more material to write with, and crazy crazy things will happen to you, that you won't be able NOT to write hilarious things. Agree??

Though so :)

Ashley said...

Well, even if she was grumpy, she looks awfully happy and CUTE in these photos! I think your Easter sounds pretty great!! LOVE all the wonderful photos!!

Jessica said...

Looks like a great weekend, even with some "bad" moments! They are too cute & I love the sunglasses!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

AW, just adorable!