April 19, 2011

The saddest face in the world...

Poor sis had tubes put in on Friday morning and she was ANGRY.
Funny now? Yes.
Not so funny at the time.
Did you guys know that my daughter is identical to my husband?
Looks, personality, APPETITE??
We had to be at the hospital at 6:30am and she couldn't have anything to eat or drink after 12:00am.
Do you know what this does to a 'starving, sleepy child'?
Well the above pic is Exhibit A.
Actually that pic was taken after surgery where she was still very ANGRY,
but for bloggy purposes we will assume it was her hungry face.
Just so I can make fun of my husbands appetite again.
But moving on.
Here's Carly in a daze before surgery, dreaming about peas and carrots and squash... oh my.
...and she did this about every 10 seconds, running away from her evil "wakes me up from sleep without feeding me" momma...
But all in all,
the surgery went well.
It took ten minutes, they came and got hubs and I after it was done, we walked back to a wailing baby, held her in my arms and kissed her sweet face, finally fed her, she cried the entire way home, took an hour nap and was happy baby again.
Did ya'll know that this is my 3rd tubes surgery in less than 2 years?
Lidia:2 Carly:1
That hospital room and I are bffs.

So over the weekend,
I started thinking about random things you guys might not know
and might not want to know about my daughters...
But I'm gonna tell you anyway,
because that's how I roll.

Lidia's poo smells terrible.
God awful.
You'd think that you'd get used to that smell.... but you don't.
She thinks it's funny though.
 But Carly's poo?
Doesn't smell at all.
It's like they were born from two different breeds of human.

Lidia is a princess...
Plays with babydolls, dresses up, kisses, hugs, puts on lipstick, younameit.
and SCREAMS for Dora.
Carly is our little boy...
into EVERYTHING, climbs, crawls, puts anything in her mouth, eats anything, yougetthepicture.
an 8 month old climbing and riding a toy like this all by herself...

Carly is the wiggliest baby alive.
6 times out of 10,
it takes two of us to change her diaper or clothes.
It's that bad.
She also refuses to be held to drink her bottle or cuddle to go to bed.
But she's also really independent,
all I loooove that.

Both are momma's girls.
Lidia's a momma's girl.
Lie again.
Well ok, not really.
Lidia's ALWAYS been a huge momma's girl,
But lately, she's been a huge papa/daddy's girl.
Still loves her momma and still says "Hi momma!" fifty times in an hour.
But Carly?
Huge Grandmas girl.
It's true.
And they both are obsessed with Grandpa.
What is it with little girls and the men in their life???

and like usual,
I can't remember any other random things about them that I thought up over the weekend.
you're only here for the pics, right?


Megan said...

Yikes, I'd be mad too if someone woke me up so early and I couldn't eat! Haha!! They are so so precious!

Mommie Daze said...

My son just got tubes in January. He was about 18 months, and he wasn't happy about the not eating thing either. I think that was the worst part about the whole ordeal.

Michelle (michabella) said...

Your kids are ADORABLE! <3