May 31, 2011

It's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun...

Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce!
(R. Kelly? Ignition? Yeah, it's in your head now too, ay?)

So let's reverse our weekend and start off with last night...
Which was probably the highlight of our weekend.
Dairy Queen.
Oh, you didn't know I worked there all through high school (and a little after)?
Now you do.
All the cool kids were doing it.
Now I go back to my old stompin grounds?????
kinda trashy.
No hotties dancing around making malts and blizzards and cones, oh my!
Oh well,
still love me some DQ and so do the babes, clearly...

What else did we do this Memorial Day weekend?
We played with chalk at a block party,
pretended to be a baby in a baby crib,
climbed ladders,
and played on slides during Aunt Chloe's soccer game.

See how much fun Lidia had?
I'll show you just how much fun this child can have...

Playing in sissy's jumperoo,
singing, "backpack backpack!" from Dora,
and bathtime with Mom??
Yeah, her life is rough...
Love her.
She cracks herself up and entertains herself (and me and sissy) daily.
she goes from zero to hero in .02 seconds.

Like so...

Pouting at my parent's neighborhood block party this weekend.
For no reason, of course.
Anyone else have this joy they get to deal with?!
But seriously, I crack up every.single.time. I look at the middle picture.

But hilariousness and sassyness aside,
the weekend was good.
Low-key but good.
We did make it to the Hangover (funny!),
we had friends over for bbq and baby time,
went to a graduation party ,a block party, a soccer game,
and like I said before, we got dq.
So all in all,
pretty good weekend.

What did you do this weekened???
I'm thinking about doing a link-up each Monday to show off our weekends...
wanna join?!
Let me know,
and I'll include the link-up next week!

May 27, 2011

What are YOU doing for Memorial Day Weekend?!

Oh Memorial Day Weekend how I love thee...
Full of BBQ's, outdoors, relaxation, friends and family!

So what will we be doing this Memorial Day weekend?
We have no plans!
Isn't that the best?!
We can fly by the seat of our pants,
(or diapers for some of us)
 Let the wind take us where we wanna go,
(or not, we haven't been hit by the tornados and we'd like to keep it that way kthanks!)
We can cuddle on the couch with Momma like so and refuse to take a decent pic...
(I told you, Carly is a squirmy son of a gun)

I know we will be outside though.
That is a must.
Our family loves popsicles in the backyard.
For some reason I don't ever get to finish mine though, weird.
A certain someone or someone(s) always steal mine!
They share so good with each other (usually) but not with momma?
I like to eat too.

the Hubs and I can sneak away to The Hangover 2 at some point this weekend though.
That movie?
I love.
Or at least it better be as good as the first!

we'll get some BBQ'ing in with some friends
and their kids
and our kids
and stare at their beauty like always...
Wouldn't you be?!

Oh jeez I'm already regretting showing you guys this...
hopefully, hopefully, hopefully
we will get our bathroom finished!
This is what it looks like now...

Scared yet?
Think we're ghetto yet?
Oh please no!
When we moved in our house a year ago,
we had/still have hideous wallpaper in all three bathrooms.
:::cough cough::: :::shame on us:::

The one in the main hallway?
The worst!
The wallpaper was coming down, drywall coming down with it, etc.
We've been trying to figure out how to fix this HUGE mess for awhile now.
So we decided to get texture spray to spray over the walls.

Negative?We already used 7 cans on two walls! Expensive.
Good thing my handy dandy stepdad works for a paint company.

So anyway,
hopefully we get this long overdue project completed this weekend.
Update for the bathroom completion hopefully soon.
With pics and everything.
Ya know,
so I can uncover my head in shame from showing off my ghetto bathroom and all...

Tell me you still love me?!

So what are YOU planning on doing this weekend?

May 26, 2011

The time we compared Lidia to our dog...

It's no secret that I love my babes.
It's also no secret that I have compared them to dogs before.
Oh stop. It's not what you're thinking! Remember Megan's guest post?

But something you may not know, is my relationship with our family Matt's dog.
You see,
Matt got Bailey before we became Mr. and Mrs. F.
Like several years before.
So for awhile it was just the two of them.
Inseperable. Bff's. Slept together. Farted together?
(seriously Bailey's farts are the worst!)
 But anyway,
then I came along.
I was the devil in goddess form.
I became the new human bff. Snuggle partner. Farting partner? (no, that's not true :)
Needless to say, Bailey is not my biggest fan.
She is a huge fan of the babes.

 (Lidia and Bailey last year)

Don't get me wrong...she's a great dog!
Potty-trained (hello teach Lidia some pointers)
Guard dog
Squirrel chaser
Doesn't bark much
Tolerates the babes
and for the most part, keeps to herself.
Oh and smiles for pics, see?
But she's a sneaky little thing too
and she shows her "non-liking of Mrs. F" in subtle ways still.
For example:
I'm laying on the couch and get up for any reason?
She steals my spot every single time.
I'm laying in bed (next to her man of course) and get up in the middle of the night because of the babes?
Again, she steals my spot.
I walk anywhere in the house.
She's right under my feet so I trip.
The list goes on...

But we do spend a lot of time together so we should be better friends, yes?
She's home with the babes and I during the week.
Plays outside with us,
and barks at the mailman everyday so he knows she's there.
"yeah yeah Bailey he comes everyday... and no I won't run away with him"
She wishes.

So finally I'm at my comparing Lidia to our dog point...
I know, I know... finally!
Last night Mr F. asked if I'd be sad if Bailey died.
No but really, I would be sad.
So the competitive side of Mr. F came out and he said to me,
"Why don't we compare our first borns to each other and see who's smarter?!"
He was refering to "his first born" as Bailey.
and of course my first born is Lidia.
Ok babe?
So we get on the ground and gather our "first borns" on our laps.
He says, "Bailey jump!"
She "jumps"
I say, "Lidia jump!"
She shows off her newly mastered, awesome jump skills and yells "Yay!"
I say Lidia won that round with the "yay!" and clapping and cuteness galore, no?

Round two:
"Lidia fetch!"
I throw a toy to her. She "catches" it and hands back to me.
Again clapping afterwards and happy screams ensue.
Now Bailey's turn.
Matt throws the toy to Bailey.
She actually catches the ball and prances back over to Matt.
Who won?
Tie maybe?

Round Three:
This is where it gets tricky tricky.
"Lidia sit!"
Blank stare.
"Lidia lay down!"
Laughing and running and jumping happen.
Proud ole Mr. Fritz says,
"Bailey sit!"
She sits.
"Bailey lay down!"
She lays down.

So my question to you is who won?
Bailey who "technically" mastered all three rounds
or Lidia?
Who is super cute, amazing, talks, laughs... did I mention she TALKS?!
(duh dogs can't talk! Winner right there!)
Lidia doesn't smell her own or (anyone else's) butt.

Just sayin'...

What do you think?!

May 25, 2011

Wanna see some cute invites?!

About 5 minutes ago I ordered the girls' birthday party invites.
The Shutterfly promo was legit and I got my 50 free cards!
Me too.
Well I should like them after spending DAYS trying to find the right card!

What's that you see?
The address isn't blocked out?!
Don't get so excited.
It's not MY address.
Just the address of the place the partayyyy is at.
Sad now?
Now that you can't come visit/stalk me?
Well leaving the address on means an open invite for all of you to join the party!

Excited now?
It's in July.
The two cutest babes will be present.
In the cutest outfits.
My bff will be dressed as Dora.
I will be there.
Win. Win. Win.
So Raven, Megan, Kati, (I'm too lazy to add more)...
See you there?

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

May 19, 2011

Wedding Pics v.2

I walked into my Uncle's church from the girls dressing room.
I gazed at the stained glass windows and all the decorations.

My almost hubby was waiting for me at the front of the church...

I creeped up behind him...

He turned around and saw the most smokin' babe in the world before his eyes!
oh yeahhh...

We kissed.

and laughed.
and gazed longingly.

Then we went to meet the rest of our bridal party in the party bus outside.

Anxiously waiting for the bride and groom...

"WHOO HOOO!" Is all I heard.
Clapping and screaming happened
and my face probably turned red.

We drove around drinking adult beverages.

Became bff's with our bus driver...

Then stopped and took group pictures.

Yes. We had 8 groomsmen.
Yes. We had 8 bridesmaids.
Plus a junior bridesmaid.
Yes. Someone puked.
(not alcohol related... I don't think..)
Yes.We danced.
Yes. We were upset we were missing the Iowa Hawkeye football game.

This all happened plus more before the ceremony.
Stay tuned...

May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

First off,
I thought blogger said all of our posts were back!
Where is my 20 things post that I tagged all my faves in?!
You know, the one post that took me FOREVER to do, of course!?
Anyone else having this problem still??
If the post DOES come back,
I'll reemail my favs and let them know...
Don't fret my pets :)

What I'm Loving Today...

I'm LOVING that I no longer have this...
I know, I know.
Facebook rules the world!
And that's exactly why I got rid of it.
Alot of people may...
my decision,
(haha had to do it!)
and there were many different reasons for getting rid of facebook but mainly...
 I wanted to be a rebel,
and boy do I feel free!
since I can't quit social networking cold turkey...
you can follow me on Twitter!
That's where all my bloggy bff's are!

I'm LOVING sweet babies in sweet sunglasses!

I'm LOVING that I'm in full birthday party mode for the girls' combined party!
The place is set.
The date and time are set.
Some decorations are bought courtesy of...
(My addiction)

The invites are made. (by moi)
The outfits are picked out and ordered courtesy of Lovella Bowtique and a giveaway I won.
Love her.
She's so sweet and super talented.
The theme is picked out....
But this party is for the kiddos, and since Carly doesn't care and Lidia is obsessed with Dora...
Dora is the theme.
But my ideas are super cute (I hope) and I can't wait for it to all come together!
I'll leave you with one thought.
One of my bff's resembles Dora.
Well, not really but we make fun of her and call her Dora.
Is your imagination running yet as to what her role will be at the party?!

I'm LOVING the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad from Panera.

What are you LOVING today?