May 31, 2011

It's the freakin' weekend, baby I'm about to have me some fun...

Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce!
(R. Kelly? Ignition? Yeah, it's in your head now too, ay?)

So let's reverse our weekend and start off with last night...
Which was probably the highlight of our weekend.
Dairy Queen.
Oh, you didn't know I worked there all through high school (and a little after)?
Now you do.
All the cool kids were doing it.
Now I go back to my old stompin grounds?????
kinda trashy.
No hotties dancing around making malts and blizzards and cones, oh my!
Oh well,
still love me some DQ and so do the babes, clearly...

What else did we do this Memorial Day weekend?
We played with chalk at a block party,
pretended to be a baby in a baby crib,
climbed ladders,
and played on slides during Aunt Chloe's soccer game.

See how much fun Lidia had?
I'll show you just how much fun this child can have...

Playing in sissy's jumperoo,
singing, "backpack backpack!" from Dora,
and bathtime with Mom??
Yeah, her life is rough...
Love her.
She cracks herself up and entertains herself (and me and sissy) daily.
she goes from zero to hero in .02 seconds.

Like so...

Pouting at my parent's neighborhood block party this weekend.
For no reason, of course.
Anyone else have this joy they get to deal with?!
But seriously, I crack up every.single.time. I look at the middle picture.

But hilariousness and sassyness aside,
the weekend was good.
Low-key but good.
We did make it to the Hangover (funny!),
we had friends over for bbq and baby time,
went to a graduation party ,a block party, a soccer game,
and like I said before, we got dq.
So all in all,
pretty good weekend.

What did you do this weekened???
I'm thinking about doing a link-up each Monday to show off our weekends...
wanna join?!
Let me know,
and I'll include the link-up next week!


Anonymous said...

it's the remix to ignition hot and fresh out the kitchen...bahahah thank you for putting that song into my head!!!!

Megan said...

As always the kids = precious! I love the idea of a link up, I am still in the middle of typing my weekend post now. Glad you all had a great weekend!!!

Ashley said...

omg. You had me at R.Kelly. :D LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

All of you photos are so action packed and fabulous and filled with love! What sweet pretty babies. AWWW!

Annie said...

ummmmm, YES, now I will be singing R. Kelly for the rest of the day...or week...ha, thanks :)

Carol said...

Awe, that middle picture is so sweet and sad!