May 05, 2011

A misunderstanding of all sorts

Wednesday afternoons my mom has the kiddos while I'm at work.
She takes them to her house since my work is 5 blocks away.
 Then I pick them up on my way home.
Who am I kidding?
Free dinner on Wednesday nights too?
Madre had a hair appointment yesterday.
Which meant she'd be picking the babes up later than usual.
I came up with a grand idea.
I thought it'd be easier for her to pick them up and take them to my house this time since she'd be on my side of town.
We had a conversation about it, and I thought she was going to my house.
So after work,
I hussle the 15-20 minutes home, pull in the drive-way, get inside, and say, "Hello?!"
No answer.
Walk upstairs, the tv is off, and no babes are screaming or laughing.
I walk down the hallway where the bedrooms are, and all the door are open.
But when I had talked to my mom an hour previous, she said they were both sleeping.
I check all the bedrooms...
No one.
Look outside for playing.
Again nothing.
So I go back to the bedrooms again and this time I notice my comforter and what seems to be humans underneath it.
I think to myself... "Wow, mom kept the girls quiet that long?! Amazing!"
So I say, "Where's Lidia?!"
(because she's into hide&seek right now, of course)
Then I walk around the room making all sorts of racket, to make Lidi think I'm looking for her.
I finally pull the comforter off Lidia's bed...


Can I just say, I wish there was a nanny cam in her room at that moment to replay for America's funniest home videos? Because my lord, that would have been great.
back to where are my babies?!
Loonnnng story short,
we had a minor miscommunication.
The babes were not at my house. Never were. They were safe n sound at Grandmas like usual.
She thought I said something different, I thought she said she was going to my house
and the rest is history,
and I was left lookin like a fool!

On another note,
who likes bows on cute girls?!
I do!
Wanna see a cute bow on a cute girl?!

Oh whoops!
That's not what you were looking for!
But she sure is cute, aint she?!
This is a little better...

Aren't the bows adorable, precious, amazing?
I love them!
Carly wears the black and green one allthetime!
One of my fav girls in the whole wide bloggy word sent them to us.
Love love love her!
She's going to be opening up her own shop soon, and you should totally check it out when she does.
Oh yeah, and her babes are precious too.
Check her out :)

oh yes,
Happy Birthday to my besties son, Ramsey!
3 years ago at this time, I was passed out on a hospital floor, from being up for 26 hours of her entire labor.
Totally worth it though :)


Megan said...

YAY, love the bloggy love! The girls look adorbs in the bows :) So do you Momma!!!! I loved the above story, you always give me a good laugh. I have had those mis-communications as well, and sometimes they are down right hilarious! Cinco De Mayo, count me in! I love me some skinny girl margaritas and I suppose today can be my excuse to have 2!

Megan said...

Awwwww, I bet that really was SO funny!! If only it was recorded for all of us to laugh at you! Haha.

Ashley said...

HAHA girl. You crack me up. Yes, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for the baby search! ;)

I love the baby in the bow...and you are pretty darn cute yourself, girl. Rock that hairbow! ;)