May 26, 2011

The time we compared Lidia to our dog...

It's no secret that I love my babes.
It's also no secret that I have compared them to dogs before.
Oh stop. It's not what you're thinking! Remember Megan's guest post?

But something you may not know, is my relationship with our family Matt's dog.
You see,
Matt got Bailey before we became Mr. and Mrs. F.
Like several years before.
So for awhile it was just the two of them.
Inseperable. Bff's. Slept together. Farted together?
(seriously Bailey's farts are the worst!)
 But anyway,
then I came along.
I was the devil in goddess form.
I became the new human bff. Snuggle partner. Farting partner? (no, that's not true :)
Needless to say, Bailey is not my biggest fan.
She is a huge fan of the babes.

 (Lidia and Bailey last year)

Don't get me wrong...she's a great dog!
Potty-trained (hello teach Lidia some pointers)
Guard dog
Squirrel chaser
Doesn't bark much
Tolerates the babes
and for the most part, keeps to herself.
Oh and smiles for pics, see?
But she's a sneaky little thing too
and she shows her "non-liking of Mrs. F" in subtle ways still.
For example:
I'm laying on the couch and get up for any reason?
She steals my spot every single time.
I'm laying in bed (next to her man of course) and get up in the middle of the night because of the babes?
Again, she steals my spot.
I walk anywhere in the house.
She's right under my feet so I trip.
The list goes on...

But we do spend a lot of time together so we should be better friends, yes?
She's home with the babes and I during the week.
Plays outside with us,
and barks at the mailman everyday so he knows she's there.
"yeah yeah Bailey he comes everyday... and no I won't run away with him"
She wishes.

So finally I'm at my comparing Lidia to our dog point...
I know, I know... finally!
Last night Mr F. asked if I'd be sad if Bailey died.
No but really, I would be sad.
So the competitive side of Mr. F came out and he said to me,
"Why don't we compare our first borns to each other and see who's smarter?!"
He was refering to "his first born" as Bailey.
and of course my first born is Lidia.
Ok babe?
So we get on the ground and gather our "first borns" on our laps.
He says, "Bailey jump!"
She "jumps"
I say, "Lidia jump!"
She shows off her newly mastered, awesome jump skills and yells "Yay!"
I say Lidia won that round with the "yay!" and clapping and cuteness galore, no?

Round two:
"Lidia fetch!"
I throw a toy to her. She "catches" it and hands back to me.
Again clapping afterwards and happy screams ensue.
Now Bailey's turn.
Matt throws the toy to Bailey.
She actually catches the ball and prances back over to Matt.
Who won?
Tie maybe?

Round Three:
This is where it gets tricky tricky.
"Lidia sit!"
Blank stare.
"Lidia lay down!"
Laughing and running and jumping happen.
Proud ole Mr. Fritz says,
"Bailey sit!"
She sits.
"Bailey lay down!"
She lays down.

So my question to you is who won?
Bailey who "technically" mastered all three rounds
or Lidia?
Who is super cute, amazing, talks, laughs... did I mention she TALKS?!
(duh dogs can't talk! Winner right there!)
Lidia doesn't smell her own or (anyone else's) butt.

Just sayin'...

What do you think?!


Megan said...

Obvi Lidia won! You two crack me up as always! I seriously cannot wait to laugh with you in a few weeks and not just through the Blog world!!!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

So cute! I love all of these pictures :)

Mama Tully said...

LOL! This made really made me laugh. I'm always saying it's like I have TWO toddlers because my 20 month old and the dog seem to be around the same stage...selective listening, always underfoot, and they both beg to go outside.
Your girls are so cute! And your dog is too ;)

Megan said...

Hahahaha. This is so cute!! I definitely say that Lydia wins!! With all her cuteness, she HAS to win!!

Laura said...

Sooo funny! I compare my experience with my dog to my child pretty often, but not quite in this way. Love all the pictures.