May 19, 2011

Wedding Pics v.2

I walked into my Uncle's church from the girls dressing room.
I gazed at the stained glass windows and all the decorations.

My almost hubby was waiting for me at the front of the church...

I creeped up behind him...

He turned around and saw the most smokin' babe in the world before his eyes!
oh yeahhh...

We kissed.

and laughed.
and gazed longingly.

Then we went to meet the rest of our bridal party in the party bus outside.

Anxiously waiting for the bride and groom...

"WHOO HOOO!" Is all I heard.
Clapping and screaming happened
and my face probably turned red.

We drove around drinking adult beverages.

Became bff's with our bus driver...

Then stopped and took group pictures.

Yes. We had 8 groomsmen.
Yes. We had 8 bridesmaids.
Plus a junior bridesmaid.
Yes. Someone puked.
(not alcohol related... I don't think..)
Yes.We danced.
Yes. We were upset we were missing the Iowa Hawkeye football game.

This all happened plus more before the ceremony.
Stay tuned...


Megan said...

You were a vision in that dress Mrs. F! I love all the photos, they turned out perfect. I cannot imagine such a large wedding party, but hey looks like it made for some awesome shots

Joeylee said...

you looked beautiful. beautiful pictures!

Shana said...

Gorgeous pics! Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Buzz On By Thursday Blog Hop. I’m trying to get some attention to my new facebook fan page. Would love it if you would ‘like’ my page: I also have a blog:

Megan said...

I loved this recap!! You were just gorgeous!!

Ashley said...

It's no fun until there's puke involved! Okay, so not really, but...anyway. Ha.

I love all of these AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL photos! Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us! You are GORGEOUS and your love is HANDSOME! SO PERFECT...all of it. I especially love that you creeped up on him...sweet. :)

Raven said...

beauiful pictures! LOVE them! and all this happened BEFORE the ceremony? GIRL! I knew I loved you for a reason! You are my kinda chica!

Hottie potottie bus driver! shit, I'd make friends with him too! Can't wait to hear the rest!