May 27, 2011

What are YOU doing for Memorial Day Weekend?!

Oh Memorial Day Weekend how I love thee...
Full of BBQ's, outdoors, relaxation, friends and family!

So what will we be doing this Memorial Day weekend?
We have no plans!
Isn't that the best?!
We can fly by the seat of our pants,
(or diapers for some of us)
 Let the wind take us where we wanna go,
(or not, we haven't been hit by the tornados and we'd like to keep it that way kthanks!)
We can cuddle on the couch with Momma like so and refuse to take a decent pic...
(I told you, Carly is a squirmy son of a gun)

I know we will be outside though.
That is a must.
Our family loves popsicles in the backyard.
For some reason I don't ever get to finish mine though, weird.
A certain someone or someone(s) always steal mine!
They share so good with each other (usually) but not with momma?
I like to eat too.

the Hubs and I can sneak away to The Hangover 2 at some point this weekend though.
That movie?
I love.
Or at least it better be as good as the first!

we'll get some BBQ'ing in with some friends
and their kids
and our kids
and stare at their beauty like always...
Wouldn't you be?!

Oh jeez I'm already regretting showing you guys this...
hopefully, hopefully, hopefully
we will get our bathroom finished!
This is what it looks like now...

Scared yet?
Think we're ghetto yet?
Oh please no!
When we moved in our house a year ago,
we had/still have hideous wallpaper in all three bathrooms.
:::cough cough::: :::shame on us:::

The one in the main hallway?
The worst!
The wallpaper was coming down, drywall coming down with it, etc.
We've been trying to figure out how to fix this HUGE mess for awhile now.
So we decided to get texture spray to spray over the walls.

Negative?We already used 7 cans on two walls! Expensive.
Good thing my handy dandy stepdad works for a paint company.

So anyway,
hopefully we get this long overdue project completed this weekend.
Update for the bathroom completion hopefully soon.
With pics and everything.
Ya know,
so I can uncover my head in shame from showing off my ghetto bathroom and all...

Tell me you still love me?!

So what are YOU planning on doing this weekend?


Megan said...

Looks like it will be a great and not crazy weekend for you all! Enjoy it! We are going to be cleaning, yep! All the damn time, I swear it's all we do lol! I am sure we will sneak in a little H2 as well, if you see it first let me know what you think :) Have a lovely and blessed weeekend and squeeze those cute little babes for me.

Joeylee said...

low key weekend at home with family are the best. enjoy it! We have a busy weekend with 2 graduations on Saturday morning and then Sunday evening we have a graduation party. At least the weather wont be to hot!

Have a great weekend!

Raven said...

I'm horrible :( I was going to have a post ready for you. I suck. Will you forgive?? Sad thing is, it's almost all done, I just need a few tweaks. Wanna shoot for Mon or Tuesday? I really want to guest post for you! Still have me?? :(

I love no plans for Memorial weekend!! That IS the best, I agree. Esp when you have two cute angels to see where the wind takes you (that was lame) anyway, hope you guys have a ton of fun!!!!!!