May 04, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm LOVING that my ghetto loaner phone went ADIOS last night!
and this bad boy is now in my possession...

I love it so much I had to show you two pictures of it.
It's a beaut. I loves it so.
Now, if only I can get myself not to break this phone,
since I've had about 6 phones in the last year... hmm...

I'm LOVING that my husband entered all my contacts and downloaded songs for me on my phone before I got home last night!
After a stressful night at my sisters track tournament with two young/crabby babes, it was a nice surprise!
See isn't he handsome and sweet?
Oh my bad.
That's a pic of both my husbands.
Please forgive me.

I'm LOVING LOVING LOVING that we are getting sleep again!
Lidia is now in a big girl bed,
and mama to a baby girl that she sleeps with her everynight as you can tell.
And Carly, angel sleeper, is still sleeping amazing too!

I'm LOVING the new Adele CD.
Amazing. Hands down. Go buy it.
What are you LOVING today?


Jami Jones said...

Glad you are getting some sleep! Husbands are great! Have a great week.

Kit said...

Looks like you have some awesome things you are loving right now!!! I love Adele too!

Joeylee said...

glad to hear that your getting sleep again. Keira has been doing awesome with sleep too! She's been sleeping from 9-5 drinking her bottle and then after 10 mins is back to sleep till 8, its awesome!

Romance In A Glance said...

Such a fun post! I LOVE what you did with your husbands! LOL...that was cute and I love me some Dane Cook too!

Your girls are precious! And unfortunately, I seem to be the only one who is not familiar with Adele and her music....

Hope you have a great week! Stop by and enter my Victoria's Secret Give away!

Chelley N said...

I love pics of sleeping babies . . . so precious! Happy Wednesday :-)

Anonymous said...

Such a cute it!

xoxo-Hannah @ A Lovely Mess

Kati McDonald said...

listen to that Adele album DAILY!

Ashley said...

Wellll. It appears as though we share one husband. Mr. Cook is delicious. :)

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Dane Cook is AWESOME!!!!