May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

First off,
I thought blogger said all of our posts were back!
Where is my 20 things post that I tagged all my faves in?!
You know, the one post that took me FOREVER to do, of course!?
Anyone else having this problem still??
If the post DOES come back,
I'll reemail my favs and let them know...
Don't fret my pets :)

What I'm Loving Today...

I'm LOVING that I no longer have this...
I know, I know.
Facebook rules the world!
And that's exactly why I got rid of it.
Alot of people may...
my decision,
(haha had to do it!)
and there were many different reasons for getting rid of facebook but mainly...
 I wanted to be a rebel,
and boy do I feel free!
since I can't quit social networking cold turkey...
you can follow me on Twitter!
That's where all my bloggy bff's are!

I'm LOVING sweet babies in sweet sunglasses!

I'm LOVING that I'm in full birthday party mode for the girls' combined party!
The place is set.
The date and time are set.
Some decorations are bought courtesy of...
(My addiction)

The invites are made. (by moi)
The outfits are picked out and ordered courtesy of Lovella Bowtique and a giveaway I won.
Love her.
She's so sweet and super talented.
The theme is picked out....
But this party is for the kiddos, and since Carly doesn't care and Lidia is obsessed with Dora...
Dora is the theme.
But my ideas are super cute (I hope) and I can't wait for it to all come together!
I'll leave you with one thought.
One of my bff's resembles Dora.
Well, not really but we make fun of her and call her Dora.
Is your imagination running yet as to what her role will be at the party?!

I'm LOVING the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad from Panera.

What are you LOVING today?


Anonymous said...

i heart hobby lobby!

Megan said...

Yay for the girls party planning! However now that I see the theme I may be making 2 more cutie bows for them :) That salad looks delish, might have to get one! I go back and forth about FB, but for now I still have it. I just rarely add anything to it. Also I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here :(

Kristen said...

That salad looks delicious! I overlooked it the last time I was there but that pic makes it look yummy!

Kati McDonald said...

OMG. I need to see Nug dressed up as Dora!!

Megan said...

I have thought about giving up Facebook, too! I rarely even use it!! Good for you!!