May 11, 2011

WILW ~ Weekend Style

Since I haven't been able to update recently,
I'm going to tell you what I loved about my weekend on this rainy Wednesday!

Remember my sister's 13 year old slumber party I was having at my house this weekend?
Junk food. Talk of boys. Criminal Minds. (ya these youngins love that show) and Snooki hair poofs?
Totally fun.
Brought me back to the old days and brought me closer to my sis who was starting to think I wasn't so cool anymore...I fooled her.
Can I be 13 again?
Oh, ya these two...
 Speaking of those two,
they had a great weekend.
Slept through the madness that was Friday night with the slumber party,
got cuddles from Papa,
fed popsicles to G'ma,
and we went to the zoo!
We also played outside all day in the beautiful weather on Mother's Day.
Bubbles, swinging, dancing to music, playing ball, the works.
Was this Mother's Day one for the record books?
But the greatest gift is my babes, and we spent the whole day together doing what we love the most, and that's what that day is all about! 

The best part of the weekend?
I got a tattoo!

It's the girls' birth month flower... July/Water Lily.
I loves it.
I don't love that Carly somehow got pink eye this weekend as you can see above.
But I do love this amazing weather we are having so that Lidia is the happiest girl ever!

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!
All you Momma's deserve a day all about you!


Megan said...

The girls are so stinkin' adorbs! Love the tatt. You pretty much rule as a big sis, I don't think I could handle that lol! Glad you had a Mother's Day full of fun with the girls :)

Raven said...

finally you be back! I was starting to wonder...

Your family is just presh. really. Almost makes me want to try again for a girl. ALMOST = never ever HOWEVER, your girls are as close to I've come to wanting one.

LOVE the tattoo. As you know, I have 7 and want more. girl after my own heart :)

Kit said...

Nice tattoo!!

You are loving some amazing things today! Hope you have had a great Wednesday!

Ashley said...

Ooooh Water Lily? How pretty!!

I love all these super fun pictures. :) Your girls are beyond adorable!!