June 30, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Seriously you should go link up with
From Mrs. to Mama
for Seriously Thursdays.
 It's seriously fun...

Seriously... Could these two get any cuter?! Well yes, I mean both of my kiddos, but I'm referring to the first picture. My 13 year old sis and Lidia? Love each other. "Where'd Coey (Chloe) go!?" is all I hear from Lidia these days!

The second picture is of the best.invention. ever. Seriously, how did I manage to go to the grocery store before with one kiddo in the front and also a baby carseat? Where did my groceries go? Plus, it keeps them beyond entertained. Until Carly starts to climb out of course... all boy I tell ya!

Seriously.... within one hour I can go from world's best mom (haha riiiight) to world's worst mom.
Exhibit A:
Worst: Kicked back on the couch and all of us watching Dora.
Exhibit B:
Best: Spending our time outside and swinging right along with the kiddos!

Seriously... it's so hot outside today! Heat advisory of 107 hello?! BUT Miss Lidia and I are brave souls and were going on a date tonight! Free food and music with friends? Duh. Count us in.

Seriously... check out one of my besties blogs and follow her! Why? Because.... umm she's beyond awesome? End of story.

June 29, 2011

"McDonald's! McDonald's! Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a Pizza Hut!"

Remember that song?
Only a midwest thannng?
Remember this pic of Lidia...

Well my hilarious, "make fun of Mrs. F anyway she can", brat of a 13 year old sister...
(love ya Chloe... well kinda :)
text me this pic at 12:30am the other night...
(HELLO! dont text me at 12:30am... mama's dreaming of all things not kid OR Ronald related)

Her caption read:
(literally that many hahas)
"You should show Lidi this and tell her this is how she's supposed 2 be around him. Just like mama"

Payback is already in order.

June 28, 2011

My new BFF

My first bloggy meet-up was a success!
Ok, it was more than a success, it was a blast!
The lovely, amazing, and gorgeous couple... Mr. and Mrs. Spindler
came down to good ol' Iowayyy for the weekend.
She's pretty much my new BFF.
That's the thing with meeting bloggy friends...
What you see, is what you get.
(well in my one experience anyway)
And what I got was fabulous!
We ate, played games, played with babes, took pics of babes, walked around the mall with babes.
the babes went to grandmas and these mamas and papas?
Had a night out.
Dinner, drinks, laughs, cab rides, acting like 21 year olds?
yes please.
I loved it.
And since I'm a horrible picture taker,
 and Mrs. Spindler is an AMAZING photographer...
go check out her blog.
She took birthday pics of the girls and more pics from the weekend.
Don't fret though, I'll leave you with a few pictures to feast your eyes on...

Apparently we wore someone out at the mall...
 2 boys
2 girls.

and since Mamabear was more interested in her new BFF this weekend than the babes,
(i kid, i kid)
Mama spoiled them on Monday with a day full of parks...

and picnics at B-bops with Grandma Lulu!

and off topic...
a certain someone has a bad diaper rash.
Mama decided to let her be "free" yesterday afternoon and roam around the house diaperless like so...
Apparently, someone holds grudges...

June 22, 2011

Dear Mama,

Dear Mama,

I appreciate your love for wanting me to experience new and exciting things...


Remember when I didn't like this guy?

Why on earth would you think I'd like this guy???

I hate jolly old men in red.


boys in general.

So this might be a good thing for you!


Hey Ma!

Thanks for taking big sis and I to the play place at McDonald's last night!

You told us we went because sis wanted french fries and to "play play slide slide!"


because it was my 11 month old birthday yesterday!

Even though I had fun going up and down the slides like so...

I have a secret to tell you...

I didn't turn 11 months old until today.

I may still be mad at you for this...

So take me out for some ice cream tonight to make up for it, k?!


June 21, 2011

Shorty where your head at?

I know with all my post titles being affiliated with rap music,
you'd think I'm a huge rap fan...
But I'm not.
80's, rock and roll, and country? Yes, please.
Although, you will hear rap a lot at my house...
Coming from the downstairs parts of course.
The "man cave" is full of it because
husband likes his "getmereadytosellsomebusiness" music.
Therefore, I know a little bit about rap.
Plus, Lidia and I fist pump from time to time in the car too.

"Shorty where your head at?"
All over the place.
And I'm not sure why...
So let's just keep this short and sweet
and let the pictures do most of the talking about what we've been up to.

Friday we went to a wading pool...

  Saturday we went to a parade...

Sunday we had a great Father's Day...
(duh we have the best papa in the world)

Lidia decided she likes to read again...

Carly turned 11 months...
Only one month until one years old.
I'm sad about this, and will not talk about it! :)

And while Momma's at work today, Lidia is taking Grandma's dog for a walk...
So yeah,
we had a great weekend, great father's day, and we absolutely love summer so far!

June 15, 2011

a little DIY for your Wednesday!

I love cupcakes.
Ok....I love sweets. All sweets.
Chocolate, ice cream, and preferably all things candy.
But when it comes to cake, I'd rather have cupcakes.
So it's no surprise that the kiddos will be having cupcakes at their big birthday bash.
And since everyone around me in bloggy land is being crafty for their kids parties,
I thought I'd join and start with....

A DIY cupcake stand!
Now, you may have seen this before, but if you want a recap or to just to stare in awe of my domestic godessness, here are the directions:

What you need:
3 clear plastic plates: $1.00 each
3 glass candle holders: $1.00 each
ribbon: $1.00 each
I got all of the above from Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or whateveryouhaveinyourtown!

plus glue.
I got Gorilla Glue from Ace Hardware for $4.99.
Only problem?
This glue dries white.
So I've been picking off white scraps of glue off my project. Annoying!

I spent a total of 10 dollars at Dollar General
(Duh Lidia needed "Snacks!" (Fruit Snacks) and Mama needed a Diet Dew)
and 4.99 for the glue.
Pretty cheap and easy peasy.

Here's what you do....
Get your supplies together obviously...
Here is where some people may differ:
I have seen where some people spray paint their plates/candle holders.
This is the point where you would do that ...again obviously...
But I decided to take the lazy, easy way out and stick with clear,
because come on this is my first project, we can't go all Martha Stewart on the first try, right?!

Glue the candle holders to the bottom of the plates and let them dry.
Exhibit A: left picture.
One at a time, glue and stack the plate/candle holder combo on top of each other.
Let each "layer" dry before moving to the next.
Exhibit B: right picture

Oh yeah,
and don't let your toddler near your project... especially the glue.
You will have an instant fit, "Mama I want that! wahhhhh!" (Like Snooki)
or end up with her hands glued together.
Which might not be a bad thing... :)

At this point you have made your cupcake stand!
Go ahead and pat yourself on the back mama! You did great!
if you want to be real crafty...
Go ahead and get creative and decorate that sucker!
Really, the possibilities are endlesss!
I decorated mine in pink and orange ribbon, to match the bday colors/theme.
I might add a little more, but not quite sure.
For now,

here's the finished product!

and because I'm obsessed....

June 14, 2011

One month until Two...

Lidia was 23 months old on the 11th.
2 years old in less than one month????
Tears, big hard tears...
I know most moms count by months until the kiddos are 2 years old,
but the last few months it's been easier to say,
"Lidia will be 2 in July and Carly will be 1 in July"
Plus, I get looks of pity, and mom-aweness of two under two that way :)
But the time has come, and in less than one month both my girls will be another year older.
So since I'm horrible with updating on a monthly basis,
let's do one last monthly recap of my little devil Lidia,
one month before she's 2!
(Seriously it's still unreal.)
 at 23 months Lidia loves:
Dora and Barney
Lulu (grandma) Grampa, Chloe, Papa, Sissy, Mama, Bailey, Bubba, Sassy (Sophie my parents dog), Jack (My sisters dog)
cereal bars, cereal, cake, bananas, yogurt, hot dogs, pizza, crackers, milk, popsicles, pudding, eggs, cheese
(and that's about it!)
all things outside
going "bye bye"
playing dress-up
and baby dolls, to name a few.

her vocabulary at 23 months:
All the things that she "loves" up above? She knows how to say all of those and many more.
She knows what cows, kitties, ducks, horses, puppies, etc say.
Where'd (insert anyone here) go?
Can count to 3.
Points out circles and draws them and says circle.
Hi mama! Thank you mama!
Sissy go night night
Youre pretty or thats pretty/that's cool or that's silly
She sings the theme songs to Dora, "I'm the map, I'm the map!" and "Backpack backpack!"
She's starting to make longer sentences for example,"Mama I go outside too!"
(she just started saying "too" with everything)
She pretty much will try and repeat everything you say, talks literally nonstop, and has the biggest vocabulary I've seen. The few I mentioned, are just my favs! It'd take all day to list her entire vocabulary and considering I hear it EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY.
I'm good with this list! :)

Random facts about Miss Lidia:
She still sleeps with her paci.. ugh
She is pigeon-toed. Like really bad!
Anyone that doesn't know her and meets her, thinks shes at least 3 years old. 100 percent for height whaa?
I call her bi-polar.
One minute she's screaming with excitement, the next screaming with anger. Terrible twos much?
She's identical to mama in every way. Looks, personality, attitude, weird toes, big belly :)
She could be outside all day, every day.
She is still the world's most random sleeper. Some days? Awesome. Other days? Not so awesome.
She's my pride and joy. The peanut butter to my jelly. My little sidekick. My heart and soul. The jolly to my rancher. The apple of my eye.
and obviously so is her sister....

So here's to the next month of party plannng, photo reminiscing, random happy/sad cries about their birthdays, and to my babes being another year older.
Don't get me started on how I feel about Carly turning one....

June 09, 2011


I'm linking up with Becky for Seriously Thursdays today and you should too!

Seriously... Add this button to your blog.This is the precious face of the little girl I was talking about yesterday in need of a bone marrow transplant, and a link to her family's blog.

We're Finally Three

Seriously... both of my kids have had diarreah for over a week. TMI? Yes, but bare with me. Carly got it first with a HORRIBLE diaper rash. The little diaper rash turned into sores on her poor bum and Desitin wouldn't help. She wouldn't sleep, had a fever, grumpy all the time, etc. So I took her to the doctor on Monday and they wanted to sample her stools aka poo. Yes, I had to take samples of her crap from her diaper and put it in a container for the labs to sample. Gross, and I'm not one to be grossed out easily. Which leads me to another seriuosly. Seriously.... the doctor needs to call me back and give me results or mamas gonna go crazy! :) Because not only has the diarreah gotten worse, but Lidia caught it too. Bleh.

Seriously... I'm in love with Jason Aldean. Anyone else watch the CMT awards last night? Love him, and can't wait to see him in August at the fair! (Hint hint hubbs)

Seriously... the last of my best friends to have a baby found out she's pregnant this weekend!

Seriously... I need to lose weight...and clean my house... and work on our yard... and go through the girls old clothes... and make about 3048239048 more dollars a month... like yesterday.

Seriously... What the heck is this?!?!

See that blochy patch on her cheek?! She gets that about once a week. It's so random too. Sometimes it will be after bath, or just being outside. It's really strange. Anybody know what it could be? Usually lotion helps for it to go away, but still odd. Oh yeah, and Seriously, this kid is rocking 4T, yes I said 4 TODDLER p.j.'s in that picture. Is that her tummy you see sticking out of it too? Why yes, yes it is. Seriously.

Seriously go join, now. Seriously.

June 08, 2011

Save a life

A blog/twitter friend of mine just found out her daughter has to have a bone marrow transplant.
She's not even 10 months old.
Last week we were talking about 1st birthday parties, early walkers, and teething/diaper rash symptoms
regarding both her daughter and Carly.
Now she is talking about a nightmare she thought she'd never have to go through.

So immediately I thought;
 What do I say to her? What can I do to help?
Well here's what I can do and what YOU can do to help also.
Get registered and join the National Bone Marrow Donor registry.
I registered!
It's free. It's fast.
(literally took 5 minutes)
oh yeah, and it saves lives.
Why wouldn't you register?

Another one of my bloggy friends wrote a post about this too and said...
"What's a little pain to you, if it means saving the life of a baby that a mother would only give her life for if she just could?"
Isn't that the truth?
She has more info on her blog regarding the registry HERE.
So what are you waiting for? What if that was YOUR little girl?

Because just like that little girls' mom,
I want to have many more firsts, tons more pictures, and moments like this with my kids...
Don't you?
I want more moments where I watch the interaction between my husband and daughter.
Seeing how much they look alike,
and obviously how much they act alike?!

I want to watch more firsts of both my kids;
like when Carly stood up on her own in the middle of a room this weekend!

 I want more times when I stand inside and watch Lidia and her grandpa share a popsicle on the deck.
The whole time on that swing?
They were laughing and talking to each other,
oblivious of me taking their picture or of anyone watching their grandpa/grandchild moment.
I want more times like that.

I want more days where the kiddos run around in our backyard in the sprinkler.
Obviously naked as well.
Hence the heart covering her nakey body! :)

I want more pictures with my kids even when I look a fright.
(yeah, dont mind that pic of me)
I want them to say, "I lush you mommy!" a million more times.
I want to love them even more every day.
I want a thousand trillion more good times.
and I'll even take a few more bad times.
All because I want more and more and more of my kids.

Don't you?
Go register.

June 07, 2011

Home Tour - Living Room!

Sooooo I'm linking up with Lindsey this weekend for her home tour!

This week is all about living rooms.
My living room?
Plain. Boring. and full of kids toys...
I told her I would join, so here I am!
Oh yea,
and I didn't pick up for you guys either, so don't hate on our messy home!

The above pic is the view from our tv.
The couch is to the left, the dining room and kitchen to the right, and as you can see...
the hallway to our glorious bedrooms to the north.
An old recliner is in the middle of the room but it's SO comfy so it stays!
There are pics of the kiddos and of our wedding surrounding the fireplace,
 and that's about all I got for that view :)
I told you, boring.

Our living room and dining room are open, so I thought I'd include both.
1. The dining room table always has an assortment of random things on top of it.
Is this the same at every house?
Right now it includes; a hair dryer, some bills, and of course an umbrella... because Lidia is obsessed.
2. There's also another entrance to the kitchen from this view,
plus some more toys and the ducky bathtub, because it's a necessity in the dining room, yes?
3. Behind the kitchen table is the sliding glass doors to our patio and backyard.
3. HI CARLY! (she was eating breakfast and staring at me weird because I was taking random pics)
4. A Kirby vaccuum in the middle of the floor, because Kirby's are the best. Seriously.
5. And Dora in the Jumperoo.
I wonder who did that...
Weird it's sideways... oh well you get the point! :)
and lastly the view of the couch.
I've always wanted a sectional, and hubby made that happen when we moved in.
What I don't love?
Bailey's hair on the brown couch... I vaccum several times a week!
Besides that we have our flat screen, some more pictures, tons of toys, and usually two little ones roaming around.

I'm obviously not creative, have no decorating sense, etc. so I want to see YOUR living rooms!
Link-up with Lindsey and show them off!

June 01, 2011

The time I ran over my husband...

Yesterday, I dropped the hubbs off on my way to work.
Normally, I don't do this,
AND I was kinda running late.
So, he had this grand idea...I was stopped at a stoplight.
"Babe why don't you just let me out here instead of the parking lot."
Fair enough.
Sure...we miiiight have looked ghetto
or like I kicked him out of the car,
but that's neither here nor there.

He gets out of the car.
 He's on the passenger side and starts to walk around the front of the car.
I'm paying no attention
or jamming to my tunes
or doing something completely awesome I'm sure...
I'm looking behind me to see if any cars are coming.
Because I was in the turning lane and I needed to get back on the road.
No cars behind me!
I begin to move forward and out of the turning lane.

But remember,
just 3 seconds earlier I had let my hubby out of the car.
Well, apparently I didn't remember.
And as I'm paying no attention, jamming to my tunes, and being completely awesome,
I pull forward and almost run over my husband.
On a busy street.
Right after I had "kicked him out of my car"
I would've paid to have been a spectator of this situation...

He claims I "tapped him"
but I think he just wants something out of this whole ordeal, ya know :)
So there you have it,
I almost killed my husband.
We had got into a little disagreement over the weekend,
 so I got a text afterwards from him saying,
"You sure youre not still mad babe?"
wouldn't you like to know!?!

Please tell me I don't win the worst wifey of the year award.
Someone's got to have a better killyourhusband incident then that!

On a brighter note,
the husband "forgave me"
and we had a fun night at the park with the kiddos last night...
Bbops and a little slide/swing/play action?
Here's proof...

 and of course Lidia chasing after a dog...
cause she gots to!
She was literally saying,
"Momma! Puppy! Hi Puppy! Oh no! Bye Bye Puppy! I slide! I swing!"
and so on and so on the ENTIRE time at the park.
Her precious mouth did not quit talking, she had the best time!
Bless her innocent heart and my patience for her new found vocabulary this week!