June 22, 2011

Dear Mama,

Dear Mama,

I appreciate your love for wanting me to experience new and exciting things...


Remember when I didn't like this guy?

Why on earth would you think I'd like this guy???

I hate jolly old men in red.


boys in general.

So this might be a good thing for you!


Hey Ma!

Thanks for taking big sis and I to the play place at McDonald's last night!

You told us we went because sis wanted french fries and to "play play slide slide!"


because it was my 11 month old birthday yesterday!

Even though I had fun going up and down the slides like so...

I have a secret to tell you...

I didn't turn 11 months old until today.

I may still be mad at you for this...

So take me out for some ice cream tonight to make up for it, k?!


1 comment :

Raven said...

oh my gosh so cute! YOU FORGOT YOUR KID'S 11 MONTH OLD BIRTHDAY?? How could you?? So unforgivable, however Carly looks like she might let it slide this one time if you give her ice cream.

girlfriend is much nicer than me :)