June 14, 2011

One month until Two...

Lidia was 23 months old on the 11th.
2 years old in less than one month????
Tears, big hard tears...
I know most moms count by months until the kiddos are 2 years old,
but the last few months it's been easier to say,
"Lidia will be 2 in July and Carly will be 1 in July"
Plus, I get looks of pity, and mom-aweness of two under two that way :)
But the time has come, and in less than one month both my girls will be another year older.
So since I'm horrible with updating on a monthly basis,
let's do one last monthly recap of my little devil Lidia,
one month before she's 2!
(Seriously it's still unreal.)
 at 23 months Lidia loves:
Dora and Barney
Lulu (grandma) Grampa, Chloe, Papa, Sissy, Mama, Bailey, Bubba, Sassy (Sophie my parents dog), Jack (My sisters dog)
cereal bars, cereal, cake, bananas, yogurt, hot dogs, pizza, crackers, milk, popsicles, pudding, eggs, cheese
(and that's about it!)
all things outside
going "bye bye"
playing dress-up
and baby dolls, to name a few.

her vocabulary at 23 months:
All the things that she "loves" up above? She knows how to say all of those and many more.
She knows what cows, kitties, ducks, horses, puppies, etc say.
Where'd (insert anyone here) go?
Can count to 3.
Points out circles and draws them and says circle.
Hi mama! Thank you mama!
Sissy go night night
Youre pretty or thats pretty/that's cool or that's silly
She sings the theme songs to Dora, "I'm the map, I'm the map!" and "Backpack backpack!"
She's starting to make longer sentences for example,"Mama I go outside too!"
(she just started saying "too" with everything)
She pretty much will try and repeat everything you say, talks literally nonstop, and has the biggest vocabulary I've seen. The few I mentioned, are just my favs! It'd take all day to list her entire vocabulary and considering I hear it EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY.
I'm good with this list! :)

Random facts about Miss Lidia:
She still sleeps with her paci.. ugh
She is pigeon-toed. Like really bad!
Anyone that doesn't know her and meets her, thinks shes at least 3 years old. 100 percent for height whaa?
I call her bi-polar.
One minute she's screaming with excitement, the next screaming with anger. Terrible twos much?
She's identical to mama in every way. Looks, personality, attitude, weird toes, big belly :)
She could be outside all day, every day.
She is still the world's most random sleeper. Some days? Awesome. Other days? Not so awesome.
She's my pride and joy. The peanut butter to my jelly. My little sidekick. My heart and soul. The jolly to my rancher. The apple of my eye.
and obviously so is her sister....

So here's to the next month of party plannng, photo reminiscing, random happy/sad cries about their birthdays, and to my babes being another year older.
Don't get me started on how I feel about Carly turning one....


The "L" in ELF said...

I keep thinking about how fast Thad has grown up, I can't believe he'll be 1 in August. It's just crazy!

I'm following along from TAT, I'd love to have you stop by and follow back!


p.s. Your girls are lil cuties!

Courtney B said...

Oh my....how CUUUTE are your girls?!!?
I don't have any kids of my own yet, but watching my friend's baby's grow up it IS crazy how fast time goes!

Megan said...

They are both just the cutest things ever!! You are amazing for having two young ones!

Carol said...

Had to LOL at the "weird toes, big belly" description. Funny!