June 08, 2011

Save a life

A blog/twitter friend of mine just found out her daughter has to have a bone marrow transplant.
She's not even 10 months old.
Last week we were talking about 1st birthday parties, early walkers, and teething/diaper rash symptoms
regarding both her daughter and Carly.
Now she is talking about a nightmare she thought she'd never have to go through.

So immediately I thought;
 What do I say to her? What can I do to help?
Well here's what I can do and what YOU can do to help also.
Get registered and join the National Bone Marrow Donor registry.
I registered!
It's free. It's fast.
(literally took 5 minutes)
oh yeah, and it saves lives.
Why wouldn't you register?

Another one of my bloggy friends wrote a post about this too and said...
"What's a little pain to you, if it means saving the life of a baby that a mother would only give her life for if she just could?"
Isn't that the truth?
She has more info on her blog regarding the registry HERE.
So what are you waiting for? What if that was YOUR little girl?

Because just like that little girls' mom,
I want to have many more firsts, tons more pictures, and moments like this with my kids...
Don't you?
I want more moments where I watch the interaction between my husband and daughter.
Seeing how much they look alike,
and obviously how much they act alike?!

I want to watch more firsts of both my kids;
like when Carly stood up on her own in the middle of a room this weekend!

 I want more times when I stand inside and watch Lidia and her grandpa share a popsicle on the deck.
The whole time on that swing?
They were laughing and talking to each other,
oblivious of me taking their picture or of anyone watching their grandpa/grandchild moment.
I want more times like that.

I want more days where the kiddos run around in our backyard in the sprinkler.
Obviously naked as well.
Hence the heart covering her nakey body! :)

I want more pictures with my kids even when I look a fright.
(yeah, dont mind that pic of me)
I want them to say, "I lush you mommy!" a million more times.
I want to love them even more every day.
I want a thousand trillion more good times.
and I'll even take a few more bad times.
All because I want more and more and more of my kids.

Don't you?
Go register.


Annie said...

Thanks for sharing this!! I will def. go register right away!!

Mama Tully said...

Heartbreaking. Sometimes life can be so unfair.