July 26, 2011

Carlys Birthday Weekend!

My baby is one!!

She celebrated by doing this all weekend....
I kid, I kid.
But seriously, have you ever seen a sleep position like that before?!
I died from laughing when I walked into her room while she was napping...
and yes, I'm a psycho mom that still checks on both kids while they're sleeping!

Carly's birthday weekend was great!
It started on Thursday when we went to the Animal Rescue League!
Lidia is obsessed with kitties... can you tell?

 Friday was Carly's birthday!!
We woke up and sang "Happy Dirday to ewww... Happy Dirday to sissy"
(Lidia's version)
about 28 times
(remind me why I taught her that song again?)
 and then headed to the beach!

The beach was hot, dirty, and the kids weren't big fans of the sand,
we had a fun time anyway having a picnic and playing at the park!
Then we went home and had a family birthday party/dinner for the princess!

The rest of the weekend included...
loving on Tori who spent the weekend with us!!
cuddling in a Grandma Lulu sandwich,
riding rides at the mall,
playing in the sprinkler,
and swinging of course....

Then on Monday we went to the zoo!
Our favorite part was the train,
and Lidia loved all the animals and pointing out each sound they made, why not right?
Oh yes, and the girls wore matching outfits.
They never do, and I loved how cute they looked!!

On Monday we also went to the Dr. for their 1 and 2 year check-ups.
Here's the rundown:
Height, Weight, and Head Circumference: 97% for all
(are we shocked? no. she looks like a 5 year old!)
But she was running a fever earlier that day and not sleeping at all during the weekend,
so they did a few tests and....
Strep Throat.
(again are we shocked? no. she's always sick!)

Height, Weight, and Head Circumference: 50-75% for all.
I also had the doctor check out her walk.
I haven't talked about this, but Carly walks like one leg is longer then the other, or her hip is out of place.
So of course I had the doctor check it out.
She's not too concerned about it right now since she just started walking,
but wants to check it out at 15 months.
Prayers that it just goes away!!!


Jessica said...

Aww Happy birthday sweet girl! That is the funniest sleeping position! Bless her little heart. She must have been tired. I still check on my kids at nap time & at night too.

I hope Lidia gets to feeling better soon!

Kati McDonald said...


Megan said...

Love that Lids sings her own version lol! The girls are so cute, but that's nothing new :) Too bad on the sickies :( I will say a little prayer for Carly's leg!!!! Lurve you guys!