July 20, 2011

The first year of Carly's life...

Carly turns one on Friday!
This past year has been a whirlwind.
Emotionally, physically, and mentally challenging.
All because we had a new baby and a one year old to take care of at the same time.
'nuff said, right?
Also we had a wedding to plan and then to party at (whoo!),
we were newlyweds, and the husband has had to work extremely hard and for long hours.
So this year was exhausting but we tend to forget how amazing it was too!

The most important thing?
We added an angel to our family on July 22nd!
So with Friday coming up, I have all sorts of emotions over my little baby turning one.
Her first year was a blur.
I felt like I kept waiting for her to get out of the baby stage...
to start sleeping through the night, to start crawling, talking, etc.
I didn't get to enjoy Carly's baby stage because I had two babies to think about instead of just one.
But now that she is a walking, talking, independent beautiful toddler...
I have some regrets on not stepping back and just enjoying her as a baby more!
No, I dont want the sleepless nights, the baby that wouldn't cuddle,
or the hours upon hours of soothing her to sleep because she would never take a paci...
but I do want to remember all the good, and not so much of the stress that was Carly's first year of life.
Because she deserves it!

Has this year of two under two gotten easier?
Heck yes.
Of course it brings new struggles of sisters fighting over toys and hitting each other,
but I love the place we are at as a family and I love love love my almost one year old.
I wouldn't trade her or this last year for anything!
She made us whole and she when she jumps up and down when we walk in a room...
I almost collapse from all the love I feel from her.
My little Carly bear is so amazing and special...
She is always on the go!
She crawls faster then any baby I've seen,
and is now almost running faster then her sister.
We call her our little boy.
She sticks everything in her mouth.
She falls down at least 30 times a day, tries to climb on and off everything.
She will not sit still for even 2 minutes.
I learned all the "new mommy tricks" before she was born so I'm not afraid to let her cry it out.
(The sole reason she's our 13+ hour sleeper)
The cries don't bother me as much, and I don't give in as easily because she is my second baby
I love her with all my heart.
She holds my heart in her itty bitty hands.
She's the prettiest baby I've ever seen and the sweetest.
Her kisses melt me.
Her laugh is contagious.
Her walk is hilarious and her fish face is my favorite thing in the world.
She walks around the house repeating, "Mama mama mama" about 900 times an hour, and I love it.
Even though last year went by too fast, I promise this year will be even better!

Its you, me, sissy, and papa against the world Carly Jo!
I love you Cbear!


Megan said...

Thank goodness I never put on my mascara! You got me all teary eyed! It is so crazy she is almost 1 and that she is doing all of those little girl/toddler things. Such a pretty little lady. I just love her cute little face!

Raven said...

gosh she is gorgeous. Precious. Isn't it crazy how fast they grow? I know everyone says that but only because it's so true!!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

What a SWEET and adventurous and beautiful little thing she is. This post is PRECIOUS.